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Happy Monday

Hey All –

Well, it’s Monday again 🙂  I had a pretty good start to the week. I packed a great couple of meals for work.

I started the day off around 7 o’clock this morning. I had a quick five ounces of Calcium and Vitamin D fortified orange juice to get me on my way. Instead of taking the extra time to have breakfast at home, I packed my oatmeal, banana and an individual sized serving of Barney Butter.

Breakfast mixed together really well! I put the oatmeal in the bowl I keep at work (you should never, ever EVER microwave in plastic!) added half a banana and water and popped the bowl into the microwave for 1 minute. I then stirred the oats, and put it in again for a couple more seconds. I cannot tell you what a difference microwaving the entire bowl makes in the consistency of the oatmeal – it becomes so much more substantial!  Once the oats were cooked, I added one tablespoon of Barney Butter to the mix.

The total calorie count on breakfast was: 300 calories, and 370 calories if you count the orange juice.

Breakfast was so perfect and filling, I was able to go for a brisk 22 minute walk before I ate lunch. It was freezing outside – but it felt great to go for a walk. I even saw a few snow flakes while I was walking! Since we work right by the water, the wind today was very strong… I am glad I got in the 22 minute walk in – even though it was definitely a challenge!

For lunch I brought some of the left over salad, one tablespoon of light dressing, and a piece of pizza from last night!  The pizza was about 240 calories and the salad was about 40 calories for a total of 280 calories.

Today I went back to visit a website that I used to frequent quite often: Calorie King. If you haven’t checked Calorie King, click on the link. You can find out how many calories your favorite snacks are. When I’m trying to get back into eating well and back on track I find Calorie King really helpful!

I had to leave work a little bit early today because I have been having an alergic reaction to something… I am not really sure what.  But a couple of days ago I changed my facial mosturizer, and ever since I’ve been having the allergic reaction. I returned the mosturizer today and bought the one I usually use… I hope that helps. I also bought fragrance free laundry detergent and bath soap. Ugh.

When I got home from Whole Foods, I made my afternoon snack.

I am still sipping on the seltzer water as I type. The apple and Barney Butter were sooooo perfect!  In case you are wondering what a tablespoon looks like check out this picture:

Today I measured out my tablespoon of Barney Butter for the afternoon snack. It’s nice when a tablespoon is actually more than what you think it is!   The apple is about 60 calories and a tablespoon of BB is 90… for a total of 150 calories for my afternoon snack.

I am hoping that when Ben gets home from work we will be able to go to the gym and get our first workout of the week in. I will be back soon for a post dinner post!



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