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Restaurant Quality with At Home Prices!

Hey All –

I’m slowly starting to get back into the blog after a week off!  Sunday was full of good foods – but the first thing I tried this morning was almost a disaster!

This morning I decided to “think spring” and make a smoothie for breakfast. Yesterday, my sister and I  walked to Trader Joe’s – where I picked up some of TJ’s European Yogurt. That is what I decided to use in this morning’s smoothie – and I have to say, I hated it!!! The European yogurt made the entire smoothie totally tangy and tart even though I put in all of my usual (awesome) ingredients… raspberries, blueberries, Aria protein powder, skim milk, ice, and a teaspoon of peanut butter.  Oh well. I finished my smoothie and did not enjoy it at all.

Thankfully the rest of the day’s food got better!  Ben and I ran around in the rain for part of the day doing some errands. When we got back inside we were freezing (as was the rain / ice!) and decided to make the classic comfort food lunch – grilled cheese and soup! Instead of tomato soup we enjoyed butternut squash soup from Trader Joe’s. I made my grilled cheese in a new way. I used whole wheat ten grain bread, and put Earth balance on one side. I then sliced a few thin pieces of reduced fat cheddar cheese and then used a palm full of low fat mozzarella cheese. Once the sandwich is on the griddle – I put tin foil over the sandwich as it cooked. After a couple of minutes I flipped the sandwich and put the foil back on the sandwich. I had never heard of this foil trick, but I saw it this morning on Phantom Gourmet – and it made my sandwich awesome!

Along with the sandwich and soup, I had half a pear. (For the record, Ben was smart enough to slice his pear and put it on his grilled cheese sandwich – yum!)

As we were eating lunch, Ben commented “wow, this is restaurant quality food” and I added, “with at home prices!” as we are trying to be more conscious of how much we eat out… What a tag line… wow.

For dinner I made a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, a hard boiled egg, and green peppers:

and home made pizza dough – which eventually turned into a homemade pizza with turkey pepperoni and green peppers with low fat mozzorella cheese.  It takes a while to made homemade pizza dough, but it is pretty easy to make. So if you ever have a free afternoon, I highly recommend making a dough from scratch, if simply for the experience.

Here was the final product – my Oscar dinner:

Right now Ben and I are enjoying the Oscars. I’m not exactly sure where the weekend went! Hope you all have a great Monday morning.


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