June 24, 2013

It has been several months since my last blog entry. In the five years of the blog, I have never taken such a break from writing about food, and I missed the blog quite a bit. After a while, I started to think that I did not have much to contribute to the food and…… Continue reading June 24, 2013


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, blog readers! What does 2013 have in store for you? Have you made New Year resolutions? I am not much for resolutions, but I figured making a few important ones cannot hurt. This morning I spent a while writing out Happy New Year cards to friends that I have not seen in…… Continue reading Happy New Year


Boxing Day

Wow, Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I cannot believe it has been almost a month since my last blog entry. It was all I could do to commute, work, run, cook, eat well and get enough sleep to stay healthy these last couple of weeks. It has been fun (for the most part) but I was…… Continue reading Boxing Day



Two days until Thanksgiving!! I’m a little more in control of my excitement today – just in case you were wondering 🙂 I had every intention of getting to work really early this morning. Unfortunately, it did not quite work out that way. I got to work at 8 o’clock. I had a Kashi granola…… Continue reading Tuesday


A few days in Burlington, VT

Hi there – I am just back from a trip to Burlington, Vermont. I have to tell you – I love Vermont, and especially Burlington. I spent most of my time at a conference this week, but I still had a little bit of time to re-explore the city after the conference concluded each day.…… Continue reading A few days in Burlington, VT



Hi Blog Readers: Is this work week going by quickly for you? Up until this afternoon my work week was zipping right along! Around 2:30 this afternoon I felt like I was at a stand still. I have to get up really early tomorrow morning (5AM) work a full day, drive home in Friday traffic…… Continue reading Thursday

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I am so glad that it is Tuesday evening. I don’t know about you – but my Tuesday was a lot better and more productive than my Monday. I would rather forget my commute home on Monday – forever. It took me over THREE hours to get home, unfortunately because there was a serious car…… Continue reading Tuesday

Food · Walk


Hi there bloggies. For some reason I am starving today. I woke up very hungry. Sometimes when I have this on-going hunger I worry about how much food I am eating. But not today, because everything I have consumed has been somewhat healthy. I have come to accept that there are just some days that…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Random Thought for the Night

Ok. I really need to be going to bed – but I had this random thought, and figured I’d put it out there. As I was unpacking my groceries tonight, I got to thinking. I would LOVE to see what an elite runner’s refrigerator and pantry looks like. (Of course I’m thinking Kara Goucher [my…… Continue reading Random Thought for the Night


Getting back to it…

There is something about going to work the day after Labor Day. I always feel like I am going back to school. I feel like I am turning over a new leaf. This year I even feel refreshed after having been out of town and off from work for a long time (I can’t remember…… Continue reading Getting back to it…