Getting back to it…

There is something about going to work the day after Labor Day. I always feel like I am going back to school. I feel like I am turning over a new leaf. This year I even feel refreshed after having been out of town and off from work for a long time (I can’t remember when I have had more than a week off from work for a vacation – I’m fairly certain this was the first time since I started my current job 10 1/2 years ago that I have had so many days off for pleasure). I might make it a tradition to take the week before Labor Day off. We will see.

So, I woke up this morning at 5:35 and it was pouring rain. I had thought of driving to work and then going for a run before work – but the weather was not cooperating. Instead I got to work and signed in at 7:15 this morning.

Today is the day that I am getting back into my routine.  Last night I had a nightmare that I got on the scale this morning and had gained 15 pounds after being on vacation. Thankfully I did not wake up in a panic because I know that such a thing did not happen. But I did get on the scale this morning, and I had gained three and a half pounds since leaving on vacation.

But you know what?

I’ll take it. I am completely fine with this. I enjoyed the last eleven days, and at least a week before that (mom’s eggplant parm, blueberry pie, etc. got me started on this lack of a diet…) However, it does mean that I have now officially gained six and a half pounds since starting my half marathon training. I am sure that some of this weight is muscle. But at the same time some of it is from beer, wine, cupcakes, etc. So I’m reigning it in folks. Seriously.

I will be back later to discuss the meal plan, exercise schedule and so on.  Stay tuned.


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