Breakfast · Lunch


Here is a brief re-cap of today’s food.

Breakfast was a whole grain english muffin from Whole Foods (140 calories) with 1 table spoon of peanut butter (90 calories) (this peanut butter was from the Farmer’s Market last Saturday… ah, memories of vacation!) and 1 teaspoon of strawberry jam (20 calories) (AFM’s favorite because it is from France. I’m kidding. He hated the idea of French jam and wanted me to buy American.)

Breakfast calorie total: 250

Along with two cups of coffee with skim milk. Probably another 30 calories.

Breakfast was great. It has been ages since I’ve had an english muffin with peanut butter for breakfast, it hit the spot and got my work day off to a running start.

Somehow I made it until lunch without needing another snack. I had a 100 calorie Clif bar in my bag, just in case I needed it.

Lunch was a fantastic salad, and a piece of Olga’s bread with a melted (light) laughing cow cheese on top. The toaster oven in the staff lunch room is rather weak, so my toasted bread and cheese definitely left something to be desired. But it was still a nice accompaniment to my salad.

**A note on calorie counting. I do not make calorie counting a regular habit. However, when I am getting back on track, sometimes I find it helpful as a reminder of sorts as to how much I consume and what my general caloric goal for one day is. For the record the caloric goal for a female of  my size, it is about 1600 calories.  

In the salad today:

2 cups of spinach (14 calories)

1/4 cup red pepper (10 calories)

less than 1/4 cup orange pepper (aprox 8 calories)

2 baby carrots (aprox 10 calories)

1/4 cup cucumber (4 calories)

1/4 cup tomato (10 calories)

1 scallion (2 amazing calories!)

4 almonds, sort of sliced (I did the best I could) (28 calories)

I’m giving the bread an approximate 120 calories

Light Babybel is 50 calories – and six grams of protein with 3 grams of fat.

1 tablespoon of Annie’s light Goddess dressing is 35 calories 3 grams of fat.

Grand total for lunch is 291 calories.

So, I’m falling short of my 1600 calorie goal thus far. But I am working late today and I have an afternoon snack of Stoneyfield Okios Greek yogurt and 1/3 of a cup of Kashi  Go Lean Crunch which will be another 190 calories or so which will leave me 850 calories for dinner, milk, and dessert. I’m curious to see how the day plays out.

Since I am working late tonight, I am not sure what time I will get home and I am not sure if there will be enough time to work out today. But I have my gym clothes in the car just in case there is – even a half hour on the elliptical machine would be wonderful right now.

I hope everyone is having a good day so far. See you in a bit.


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