Long Day…

Well, there is nothing like a fourteen plus hour day for your first day back in the office. No, I’m not kidding. I left my house at 6:10 this morning and got back home at 8:20 tonight. No, I did not go to the gym. I got home from work at 8:20 tonight.

I quickly typed up my blog post on lunch and breakfast during lunch today. I finished lunch a little after 1 o’clock. I was still a little hungry, but eventually my hunger went away. Around 2:30 in the afternoon I was talking with one of my work friends and walking down several flights of stairs during our conversation. Suddenly I was light headed and I nearly fell down the stairs. I quickly put my back up against the wall in the stairway and stood still for a few moments, while my friend tried to stay calm and asked me if I was alright. He was a bit freaked, since he could tell I had almost passed out as we were walking.

Once I started feeling well enough to continue, I changed course and went right to the staff lunch room before heading back to my desk. I grabbed my Oikos strawberry Greek yogurt and ate it on the way back to my office.  After a few more minutes I started feeling better.

On my way back to the office (with my yogurt in hand) I called AFM to let him know what had happened… or almost happened to me in the stairway. He commented that one of the factors could have been my drastic change in diet that I had started today. I have gone from eating a lot of food to eating not much at all. I knew that he was right – thus the yogurt. For good measure I went to my friend Nichole’s office and grabbed a small handful of her famous jelly beans. I figured the sugar might help my head stop spinning. It worked.

Oddly enough, a bit later in my day, I read AFM’s blog post where he talked about being out of sorts today. I would agree with him, I was definitely not feeling like my normal self. I hope that tomorrow is a better day.

I left the office at 7:15 tonight after a long, but productive day at work. It was raining on the way home, and eventually I ran into some horrible traffic. There was an accident on the highway and a van and a car had driven off the side of the highway during the horrible rainstorm. I felt lucky that I was not in the car accident, but I was also hungry and tired, and eventually got to be a little grumpy while I waited for the traffic to clear up (this took over half an hour). I was thankful to find the small snack bag of Kashi go lean crunch and an oh so small piece of dark chocolate I had packed, in case I needed a chocolate fix during my work day. It’s always great to pack snacks – especially when you know you are in for a long day.

The snacks got me home, and eventually the traffic cleared up. Once I got home I poured myself a half a glass of red wine (Mark West pinot noir, one of my favorites) and fixed myself a sandwich. My mom was sweet enough to cook the chicken breast I had purchased from WF yesterday. She boiled it in water, with a carrot stick, celery and an onion. It gives the chicken a great flavor and it remains lean and full of protein.

I prepared my sandwich and mixed the diced chicken with a tiny bit of mayonnaise some dijon mustard, a chopped up scallion and I topped the sandwich with spinach, tomato and a small slice of fresh mozzarella.  I had some carrot sticks and a few potato chips on the side. I was not going to have the chips, but it has been a long day 🙂

That about wraps up my day. Last night I stayed up until almost 11:30 (and woke up at 5:35 – not enough sleep!) because I really got into the second book of The Hunger Games. Right around page 155 the book got a lot better – and last night I could not put it down. So it’s 9:45… I have to finish packing my breakfast and lunch, get my bag ready for tomorrow, figure out what I’m wearing and get ready for bed. I hope I have enough time to get some more reading done tonight.

I hope you all had a good post – Labor day return to work and to school if you started today!

See you tomorrow.


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