On the Train…

Good morning bloggies.

Happy Tuesday Wednesday morning. One thing I love about long weekends is the four day work week. I hope the week continues to go by quickly!

This morning I am blogging from the train. How about that?  Over the weekend I added another piece of technology to my collection – an Asus netbook. A few of my friends have had netbooks for a while, and the ones that commute have found them really fun and helpful on their way to and from work.  As some of you know, I have a long commute to work and I am always in search for ways to the travel time more productive. I thought I would give the netbook a try.

Last night on my way home from work I decided to take the train in the morning. It was a long drive in the pouring rain, and I just wanted a break from driving. Somehow I was able to wake up and get out the door in time to make the train this morning. I was so happy when the train actually arrived on time – something that rarely happens even on a good day – never mind throwing in the less than perfect weather (it is raining again today). So, I was thrilled when the train arrived.

I was even more excited when I turned on the netbook and was able to connect to the train’s Wi-Fi.  The internet connection is slow, and spotty at best. But it has been able to get the job done so far.  I have been able to read emails, catch up on some of my favorite blogs and read some of the New York Times. Not bad for a commute in to the office on a rainy Wednesday morning. This is so much better than driving.

Here is a question for you Greek yogurt enthusiasts. What is your favorite kind of Greek yogurt?  I have always been a Chobani fan. Mostly because it was the first Greek yogurt I found in the stores and now because it is almost a full dollar cheaper than my true favorite  – Stonyfield’s Oikos. When I was at Whole Foods the Chobani was 1.25 and Oikos was $2.20. I am doing Oikos this week because the Chobani was basically gone from the Whole Foods shelves. Not that I’m complaining – but it definitely added at least 5 dollars to my grocery bill this week. (Almost a dollar extra per container purchased!) I have Stonyfield coupons somewhere, and I must find them.

I also must find my wellies (rain boots) and my umbrella. Because apparently it is never going to stop raining. I was not quite prepared to take public transportation this morning in the rain. But I’m making the best of it. At least I have my rain jacket. Things could be worse.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Here’s hoping for an awesome day for all of us!


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