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Hump Day Breakfast and Lunch…

Hey ya’ll – happy hump day.  I had some decent eats today. Highlights? Lavender honey from the Troy, New York’s Farmer’s Market… so good! My salad was a hit, too.

Let’s start with breakfast. Another whole wheat english muffin from Whole Foods. This time with the Saratoga peanut butter (also from the Troy farmer’s market) and the oh so lovely lavender honey.

This was such a hit with my tummy. I could definitely eat something like this every day – but tomorrow I have a feeling I might start doing up my oatmeal for yet another change.

I made it through until 12:30 when I was finally able to break from work for lunch. I was starving. I almost hit up a 100 calorie Clif bar at 11:30 but I got through without snacking.

Lunch was another salad, along with some left over chicken breast and another piece of Olga’s bread.

In the salad today (pretty much the same as yesterday)

Spinach, carrots, red and orange peppers, scallion, cucumber, tomato and croutons for good measure 🙂 . I had a tablespoon of Annie’s light Goddess dressing and the chicken definitely added some much needed protein (about 1/4 of a cup – maybe a bit more for 11 -12 grams of protein).  I toasted the bread and ate it plain.

After lunch I had a small piece of dark chocolate (measuring out at 3o calories – that’s how small!)

At 3:30 this afternoon I had my afternoon snack. Oikos blueberry flavor. 120 calories, 13 grams of protein. A great PM snack. It held me over for the train ride home.

I opted to walk in the rain to South Station today, which is a little over a mile. I knew that I probably was not going for a run after work… so I made sure to get some exercise with the walk. I also got some basic exercise / activity at work today, thankfully.

I made it to the train and rode home with my friend Tim. We discussed soups, and what we were having for dinner.  More on that later…

I hope you all had a great Wednesday. Dinner report to come shortly.


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