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What is the cure for another rainy day?

… Soup. I had so many ideas for soup today. Carrot ginger soup.  Bittman’s pasta fagioli.  Julia’s boeuf bourguignon. My own butternut squash soup. Jenna’s  white chicken chili.  My mom’s french onion soup.

I needed soup for dinner tonight.

On the train home tonight I decided to make chicken noodle soup. I know, compared to what I was coming up with in my head, it was a little lame. But you know what? It is healthy (especially with whole wheat noodles) and I already had a boiled chicken breast, carrots, peas and celery.

Sometimes when I have so many ingredients on hand I just feel like I should make what I already have so many things for. So the chicken noodle soup won out. I got off the train, drove to the market and then literally ran into the store to pick up stock, an onion and whole wheat ‘egg’ noodles.  I ran to the self check out and back out to the car. (Note: normally I do not do the self check out counter. I would much rather interact with a human being, and I would like for that person to have a job. The lines were out of control tonight!)

I finally got home, and my mom – such a sweet heart – had started chopping carrots and celery. I chopped half of the onion.

The soup was such a team effort in the kitchen tonight. It was a lot of fun! We stood by the stove, chopped, cooked and chatted while we made dinner. It was really nice.

We made the soup with the chicken breast, celery, peas, carrots, onion, parsley, freshly ground pepper, reduced sodium chicken stock, and whole wheat noodles.

I toasted a couple of  the remaining Olga’s bread.

The final product:

This soup was really great. I might bring some for lunch tomorrow.

I really hope that it will stop raining eventually. I need to find my Wellies and my umbrella. I do not know where they are, and I got very wet going both to and from work today. But I sort of enjoyed walking home in the rain today. It felt nice to get some ‘fresh’ city air.

Well, that about wraps up the day. I need a snack. Last night I had a glass of skim milk with a teaspoon of chocolate sauce. Have I ever written on the blog about how much I actually dislike milk? I rarely just have a glass of milk. I usually add a small amount of protein powder or a tiny spoonful of chocolate syrup (Trader Joe’s brand is my favorite).  I love what skim milk does for me. Protein, calcium and it takes away my hunger.

OK, I’m signing off. Good night ya’ll.


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