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Back from vacation

I woke up this morning very sad. Today was my last day of vacation, and it was mostly spent packing up the car and traveling. AFM and I did have a good morning together though. I tried not to let my sadness about leaving get in the way of our last couple of hours together.

AFM made one last amazing breakfast. A breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat roll. An egg, bacon and cheese on the toasted bread. For some reason I did not snap a photo.  I also enjoyed a travel mug of coffee, even though I was not traveling quite yet.

Over vacation I got a decent amount of reading done. But AFM got more reading done than I did, and I’m just a little jealous of that. (I guess I was getting more sleep??? I’m not sure…)

During our trip to Hyde Park I picked up a renowned biography of FDR. It is huge, but so far I am really liking it.

I also got some reading done on my nook. I am currently reading both the FDR book and the second book of the Hunger Games.

I left upstate New York around 12:30 this afternoon.  I stopped at one rest stop, and for some reason I ordered a hamburger and a small french fries from McDonalds. This was totally ridiculous, especially since I had a granola bar in the car and plenty of water to keep me going. There was no need for such a poor decision on my part. But sometimes you just make a decision, and you have to own it. What can I say?

I arrived back home just a few minutes before 4pm, I think. I unloaded the car, brought most everything up to my room and took a few minutes to get settled. Then I changed into my running clothes, filled up a water bottle and went right back out the door and hit the trail for 3.2 miles of walking, jogging and running.

Let me be honest: during my vacation I took a break from everything. I went running twice (counting today) and I did not worry (much) about what I was eating. I ate anything I wanted. It was great. I figured it was my vacation, and I would get back to normal on Tuesday. I ate pizza as many times as I wanted (3 times?)  I had an amazing hamburger and eggplant fries (yes – they were spectacular!) I had two cupcakes (on two separate days) and I had birthday cake twice. (It was AFM’s birthday on Saturday and we had a couple of celebrations. One included beer, and one included an amazing family dinner and birthday cake!) I had steak, pork chops, and lobster. Everything was so amazing. AFM is a great cook. He let me cook once, to make risotto to go with our steak.

So, when I got home I had two things on the agenda. Go for a run and get my butt to Whole Foods to get food for the week. I bought vegetables, yogurt, milk, bread and a chicken breast. I really tried to stick to a 30 dollar budget, but I ended up spending 42 dollars. Ugh. I must do better about reigning in my spending.

Whole Foods was a scene – it was kind of horrible. But thankfully I had my nook in my purse and I read while I was waiting in line at the check out. It went by pretty quickly, thanks to The Hunger Games.

When I got home, I quickly showered and eventually got to work in the kitchen. I chopped up red and orange peppers, carrots, scallions,cucumbers, tomato and a couple of almonds. The base of the salad was two cups of spinach. I skipped a real protein tonight since I had already eaten eggs, bacon, cheese, and a ‘hamburger’ today.

Dinner was nice and sort of pretty:

I also picked up a baguette from Olga’s, and had a piece of it with my salad. I have to admit, I am still hungry even an hour after my salad. I’m going to have a glass of milk in a few minutes. 

Dessert tonight will be a special Oikos chocolate Greek yogurt. It is 100 calories and it has ten grams of protein and no fat. 

There will be no ice cream for me this week. But there will be plenty of Greek yogurt 🙂 

Well, I have to get back into the kitchen to finish packing breakfast and healthy snacks for tomorrow’s day at work. I hope I can survive the day tomorrow! 

Wish me luck. See you tomorrow! 




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