A few days in Burlington, VT

Hi there –

I am just back from a trip to Burlington, Vermont. I have to tell you – I love Vermont, and especially Burlington. I spent most of my time at a conference this week, but I still had a little bit of time to re-explore the city after the conference concluded each day.

The first night we were in Burlington, we went to American Flatbread for dinner. I have always enjoyed American Flatbread when I brought it home from Whole Foods. I had never been to one of their actual restaurants – what a great experience. I loved the atmosphere. We ordered a great salad and a flatbread pizza. After dinner we walked around for a little bit and then headed back to the hotel to watch election night coverage.

On Wednesday night mom and I met one of my good friends for dinner and we had a great time catching up. My friend has been living in Vermont for the last few months, and will be in Burlington for a couple of years in a postdoc program at UVM. He was instrumental in helping us enjoy what Vermont has to offer – starting by what he ordered for an appetizer on Wednesday night at The Farm House Tap & Grill. What was ordered, you might wonder…

Image 2.jpg

Venison heart in a parsnip purée. I had a small taste of the venison and enjoyed the parsnip purée. We all ordered amazing dinners. Mom had chicken and biscuits:

Image 8.jpg

…which was delicious. Thom ordered braised boar leg with gnocchi:

Image 7.jpg

The boar tasted amazing. I went with a lower meat content (which is hard to do in Vermont, let me tell you!) and ordered the mac & cheese which had shallots, chive, Vermont bacon (I added that because I figured I should enjoy some amazing Vermont bacon while here!), herb breadcrumbs and made (of course) with Cabot cheddar cheese – WOW! The photo is nothing to write home about, I admit – but this was THE BEST mac & cheese I have ever ordered in a restaurant! I loved it – even if I could eat less than half of it.

Image 6.jpg

(Thom took the rest of the mac & cheese and had it for lunch the next day!)

I had registered for the conference later than normal this year, so I was not able to get any of the conference lunches that are usually included. This actually worked out to be a great thing for me because I went out at lunch and tried a couple of cute lunch places. On Thursday I met mom and had lunch at the Burlington’s City Market which is a co-op. I had so much great food for lunch, here is my plate:

Image 5.jpg

Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, vegetable & bean chili, brown rice, cilantro tofu (amazing!!) and one chicken wing for some meat. What a great lunch – it felt like a huge plate of comfort food.

We saw an amazing sunset over Lake Champlain one afternoon:

Image 3.jpg

We also found a pile of orphan cameras:

Image 4.jpg

Whenever I am in Vermont I never want to leave. I love this state so much. But getting home last night was nice. It was nice to be at home and not in a hotel room. It was wonderful to sit in the living room and have a fire in the fireplace. I actually like my cold, New England home so much better than a swanky hotel room (they are always just too hot for my liking – I can’t stand it!).

It was mighty cold up in Burlington, in the low 20s at night – but I have to say that I loved it! Right now winter seems still like a novelty. I’m loving the comfort food that winter always brings with it. I’m all about chili, soups, warm hearty bread, pies and amazing food. I’m sure in a few months I will be all about spring – but right now I am loving that winter is right around the corner.

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you had a great week, too.


2 thoughts on “A few days in Burlington, VT

  1. Your food choices sounded interesting. So glad you were able to enjoy the trip even if it was for work. I’ve gotta get to Vermont sometime!

    1. Hi Marilyn: Yes, it was a very interesting week food wise! 🙂 You will love Vermont – I hope you make it up there soon!

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