Hi Blog Readers:

Is this work week going by quickly for you? Up until this afternoon my work week was zipping right along! Around 2:30 this afternoon I felt like I was at a stand still. I have to get up really early tomorrow morning (5AM) work a full day, drive home in Friday traffic and then hopefully go running – at least four miles. This is what I get for delaying my workout today – so it is sort of all my fault. 😦

Breakfast this morning was a Pumpkin Kashi granola bar and a tiny box of raisins. For lunch I walked over to the University cafe close to my office and hit up the salad bar:


Spinach, green beans, tomatoes (one that exploded on to my notebook as I was eating and having a lunch meeting with my boss. So. Embarrassing.) carrots, hard boiled egg (1/2 of one) tuna, croutons, cucumbers, a tiny about of pasta salad, roasted eggplant, quinoa and probably a few other things that I can’t remember.

As I worked away this afternoon I snacked on a mini Apple Pie Larabar. I also snacked on some cheddar Annie’s bunny crackers on the drive home. Dinner tonight was a greek yogurt and an hour or so later I had some Kashi cereal with a small spoonful of almond butter.

When I got home tonight I was really tired. The first couple of weeks of September are hard for me. Everyone is back to work and school is back in session. It makes almost everything I do much more difficult. It makes getting to work longer, going to the grocery store (even Whole Foods) is not very enjoyable because everyone is in a rush, lots of people are back at the gym, and I just find that with everything adding up my time management skills need to be re-adjusted.

So tonight I decided to take a night for myself and decompress. I cleaned my room. I did laundry. I read a book. I caught up with some friends and I watched some of my favorite pols. I almost even remembered to call and make an appointment for a haircut – but by the time I remembered (the second time) the salon was closed. The other day one of my good friends asked me if I am letting my hair grow. In all honesty, I had not even thought about it – but the real truth was that I had just not been able to find the time to make an appointment for a cut. But I’m sort of liking the new length.

OK, It is late. Tomorrow is Friday (time to celebrate!) and I really need to get to bed. I’ll check in with you all tomorrow – I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!


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