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Tuesday – No Plastic Baggies for Lunch!

Ok – one thing I am super bad at is packing parts of my lunch in plastic bags. Ugh. I hate using plastic bags because I know they are horrible for the environment. So, Monday night I took out some of my re-usable containers and packed my lunch using them instead of plastic bags. 🙂

On to the dull side of food for Tuesday – I basically ate the same thing as Monday.  For breakfast, I had another mix of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Trader Joe’s high fiber with skim milk. Yum.

(OK, in this pic there is a spoonful of peanut butter – this was from this weekend, not what I ate today – I did not have the peanut butter, but I had the same mix of cereal!!)

I was hungry before lunch time. I had a snack at 11:30 because I knew I would be going for a walk before having lunch.  My snack was a Quaker’s True Delight:

I ended up having lunch around 12:45 after going for a really nice half hour walk. The walk definitely got me excited for Spring! Even though it was only forty degrees this afternoon, it felt sooo warm – considering that a couple of days ago it was twenty degrees!!

Lunch looked like this:

What you see here is my turkey sandwich… and in the red container are the Baked Lay’s potato chips (just a few).  My turkey sandwich was pretty good today!

I ate lunch at my desk today…. because in the lunch room it was DESSERT DAY!  Here is what I saw when I walked into the lunch room… check it out….!

I had the smallest peanut butter bar with my lunch… It was great!  I knew that if I stayed in the lunch room, I would have more snacks, so I ate at my desk and read a little bit of Loving Frank (which is a great book —  I highly recommend it!)

I felt like I accomplished a good amount at lunch – a walk and some reading. 🙂

In the afternoon, I had a cup of hot vanilla chai tea. It really hit the spot.

I worked an extra hour at the office tonight, and then met my friend Jenn for dinner. We went to Gourmet India in Coolidge Corner for some great eats!  I had chicken tiki masala, a samosa, a piece of garlic nan and some rice. It was definitely a HUGE dinner – but I had not enjoyed Indian in months so I’m trying to feel too badly about it!

I had a great time eating dinner with Jenn and catching up. She let me take home a new book to read once I’m done with all of the books I’m reading right now. The new book is Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Jenn loved it – has anyone else read it? Let me know what you think!

Ok, it’s after 10 o’clock and I want to read more of Loving Frank so I’m signing off for tonight! Catch ya’ll tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday – No Plastic Baggies for Lunch!

  1. In Medford, aluminum foil is recyclable, so when I want something disposable, I try to use that instead of baggies – check out the options in Newtonville!

    Also, you should check out the website – you can record the books you’ve read and/or want to read, and see what your friends are reading, too! – It rocks!

    1. Hey Heather – Yes, I like to use aluminum foil as an alternative to my beloved plastic baggies. But for my cereal and chips, it doesn’t work as well – but I usually wrap my sandwich in it! 🙂 I am on good reads! Look me up!

  2. More yummy food ideas. I’m not very good at experimenting with combinations of food. If you have enough small containers for carrying food, that’s good. Baggies can be used over and over for some things. I don’t feel as bad using them if I can reuse them several times.

  3. turkey sando looks delish! still need to find and try the quaker delights bars.

    i’m on goodreads too! i think i have connected with both of the heathers!

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