Breakfast · Lunch

Busy few days…

Ugh, I do not know what is wrong with me this week. We’ve been super busy and I haven’t had much of a chance to blog.

It’s now time for bed and I thought I would do a quick recap and post pictures later. Wednesday for breakfast I had the same thing as Monday and Tuesday… Kashi Go Lean Crunch and TJ’s High Fiber cereal.

I had a yogurt for a mid morning snack – which worked out well because since I had a late lunch. Instead of going right to lunch at noon, I went for a forty minute walk in 60 degree weather!! It was sooo wonderful outside on Wednesday – a true taste of spring. Too bad they are calling for snow next week.

For lunch I had a cup of Trader Joe’s Split Pea soup and a few crackers (photo tomorrow!)

After work I met Ben and we went up to Beverly  to Endicott College. We went to a great gallery show of Boston artists, and our friend Rebecca had a piece in the show. It was  a lot of fun. In the car ride up (which took about an hour in rush hour traffic) Ben and I split a Quaker granola bar. It’s amazing that even just splitting one of these bars took my immediate hunger away!

After viewing the art show, I enjoyed some of the hors d’oeuvres that were in the lobby…. by the time I had some cheese and crackers, it was about 7 o’clock and I was really hungry. I hate eating when I am really hungry, because I usually do not make the wisest decisions. I had a Clif bar in my purse, which I could have eaten on the way home… instead I over indulged in the food in the lobby.  I did have a couple of really wonderful strawberries… yum!

On Thursday I had a great applesauce cranberry muffin from Bread & Chocolate. It was great to see Eunice, it had been over a week since I had stopped into B & C…  My muffin was really great this morning, it really hit the spot!

It was super windy today at work… so I did not go for a walk even though the temperature was not super cold – I might have been blown over if I had dared to go outside!

For lunch, I had the other half of my Trader Joe’s split pea soup, low sodium Saltine crackers and a travel packet of Barney Butter. The BB was an important addition to today’s lunch. Sometimes it is important to add some fat / protein to a lunch that is virutally fat free. The addition of Barney Butter kept me full a little longer this afternoon!

After work Ben and I hit the gym. We did half an hour of weights and 25 minutes of cardio. I did the elliptical while Ben did the bike. Fun times.

For dinner, we went to Whole Foods and enjoyed the salad bar.

Ok, I’m signing off now. I’m exhausted and must go to bed!!

See you all tomorrow.


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