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Hi Everyone –

Well, you might remember the other day I wrote about eating breakfast. There are studies that snow it is most advantageous to your body to eat breakfast within the first thirty minutes you are awake. I never, ever accomplish this!  Usually I eat breakfast an hour and a half or two hours after waking up – most of the time when I get to work I eat breakfast at my desk. Don’t ask me why – it is a long story. I will write about it another time.

However – on Monday I had breakfast at home! Definitely within the first half hour of being active, too. It was definitely a breakfast on the run – I barely had time to snap a photo of it – but it was well worth it. I put one of Ben’s homemade, whole wheat, sugar free waffles in the toast oven and then smeared about a tablespoon of Teddy peanut butter onto it. Perfect Monday morning breakfast! It got me going out the door 🙂

For those of you who do not live in Boston, let me fill you in on what the weather was like on Monday. It was FREEZING! It was literally 15 degrees when I walked into work on Monday morning. Ugh. But the good news is – even though it was actually below freezing – I was able to convince two of my colleagues to go for a walk with me at lunch. They were totally brave! We were able to walk outside for 25 minutes – I was so impressed with our effort!

I have a fantastic new North Face parka that is totally amazing. I never realized I could actually be in love with a jacket. I am. It kept me soo warm during our walk! I had my heavy duty “Colorado” mittens on, a hat and my scarf wrapped around my face – all three of these things also helped me keep warm. Ahh winter in Boston – there’s nothing like it!

During our walk, it was great knowing that I had a bowl of turkey chili for lunch. I knew that once I finished our walk, and heated it up, I would be nice and toasty once again!

I am happy to report that lunch did not disappoint! I had to wait an extra half hour for lunch – there was a line for the office microwave ten people deep! But, at last, at one o’clock I had my chance in line.  It was worth the wait!

While I waited for the line to die down, I went back to my desk and enjoyed my carrots and cantelope. They did a great job of holding me over for a while!

I think that is all I ate until 4:30 on Monday afternoon. I definitely remember snacking on a Zbar – but I don’t seem to have a photo of it – weird!

After getting home from work (I had to work late – meh!) Ben and I went to the gym. I ran 1.75 miles and enjoyed the stationary bike for twenty minutes. During the bike ride, I finsihed Kristin Gore’s second book – Sammy’s House. I know, I’ve blogged about this before. I love the Sammy books – I hope she’ll write one more!

We did not get home from errands after the gym until 8:45. Wow. It was a long night! Once we were home, I quickly made a boca burger sandwich in the toaster oven (but the burger went in the microwave of course!) I melted one piece of low fat American cheese and had two pieces of Arnold’s double fiber bread. Love it! I totally did not take a photo because I was famished and not thinking of the blog. (Crazy, I know!)

Ok – well that’s a recap with photos of Monday.


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