Food Filled Holiday…

I had such a food filled holiday on Thursday… and it was not even Thanksgiving yet! On Thursday afternoon, my friend Jane drove down from Boston to see my new home. After the tour, I took her to lunch at one of my favorite places to celebrate her birthday (a couple of weeks belated).

Jane and I celebrated with a glass of Hob Nob pinot noir:


I ordered my favorite item on the menu… the Red Stripe grilled cheese. This is a grilled cheese sandwich with poached pear, prosciutto and basil. I cannot even really tell you how amazing this sandwich is! I usually order it with a mixed greens salad instead of the tomato soup. But it was definitely cool on Thursday, so I went with the soup. The combo was amazing!!


Close up of my sandwich:


Ewwy gooey goodness. If you are ever in Providence, head over to Red Stripe. You will not be sorry!!

As I stated, this is only one part of my Thursday filled with food. Stay tuned for a Barefoot Contessa dinner!


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