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Oh how I have missed salads…

Mark and I have been in our new place for almost a month 😀 You have probably noticed that I have not written too much. I have not cooked that much. One reason for this was we did not have a refrigerator. My friend let me borrow a mini-fridge, and it was a huge help. But we finally have a normal refrigerator – and I am so happy about it! Now we can have vegetables, and not have them freeze. So, I have been eating salads since Monday.


Salad with a hard boiled egg. I never knew something so simple could be so good.

Tonight Mark and I had salad and a quesadilla…

IMG_0315.JPG IMG_0312.JPG

Now that we have a fridge, I cannot wait to start cooking meals and having leftovers for a couple of nights.

Today is Wednesday, and it was the first night of my work week that I made it to the gym. I did the bike for ten minutes, and the elliptical for 30 minutes. I really enjoy the gym so much more now that I have my nook. Obviously, I could always read on the bike – but for me, the elliptical machine was a different story. I had a hard time going up and down on the elliptical, and being able to read the small-ish text in a book. With the nook I can enlarge the text and it is so much easier to read. I read for 40 minutes at the gym tonight, and it was great.

Right now I am reading The Book Thief and Admission. Have any of you read either one? Let me know what you think – I’m on page 100 so far in The Book Thief and page 300 in Admission.

Tomorrow is a day off from work for me, and I am so thankful for it. Sometimes I feel holidays come right in the nick of time, and this Veteran’s day is no exception. I just hope I do not come down with a cold… I am hoping that extra sleep tonight and tomorrow will be what I need.

See you tomorrow!


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