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How can it be Thursday alraedy!?

Honestly, I am not sure where this week has gone! I have not posted since Nicole’s guest post on Sunday, what a shame.

I must admit that my 1500 calorie days are not making for the most earth shattering meals to report, but there are definitely things to blog about. I promise to be back tonight to recap the week – especially the awesome dinner we all had on Sunday night at my favorite restaurant, Red Stripe in Providence.

The entire week I have been having Quaker’s Weight Control oatmeal – the Banana bread flavor. Unlike other food-bloggers, I don’t have time to make my oats on the stove-top every morning – rarely do I have time to make breakfast at home. While sometimes I will make a batch of oatmeal in advance, I find Quaker’s instant oatmeal to be a good alternative when I’m not planning ahead and don’t have time for a nice breakfast at home.  The oatmeal has been keeping me full on its own, and especially when I add some Aria protein powder and / or a teaspoon of Barney Butter to the mix….

Speaking of Barney Butter – Ben tried my favorite Almond Butter this week and he loves it! We are sort of running low on it at the moment, and now that there are two people in the house enjoying it, I will feel less guilty ordering another supply in a couple of days 🙂 Sweet!

I can also report that I have been to the gym three out of four days so far this week for great workouts! My new “favorite” (in quotes, because it’s actually sort of hellish!) machine is the stair-mill… also known as the Stair Master, but a different version of it.  This thing is a huge case of stairs that keeps moving while you work out. On Tuesday I did the stair mill for 22 minutes and burned over 180 calories. 

Anyhow, I have to sign off for now. But I will be back tonight with updates and photos! Until then – have a great Thursday everyone.


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