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Guest blogger in da house!

This is a blog fan’s dream! Actually getting to guest blog on one of your favorite blogs. Perez Hilton is next! So the foodie extravaganza started on Thursday night at The Other Side cafe downtown on Newton. Heather had the grilled cheese with tomato and chips and I split a veggie burrito (with tofu) and a bowl of carrot ginger soup with my friend Maya. Didn’t take a pic sorry. The soup was a highlight of the meal. It was really flavorful and thick!

The next night (Friday) we had our gourmet-fancy meal-double-date at Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston’s South End. We started the meal with two appetizers. One duck confit and the other multi-mushroom sandos w/garlic puree accompanied by a vinegary slaw.

Both were super tasty and great to share. Heather took a pic of her plate with a bit of both apps. Heather also took a pic of her bread and butter. The bread was a wheat sourdough. Heather had the seafood boullibaise which looked delish (and the pic came out spectacular).

I had a veggie dish of polenta and roasted veggies (onions, olives, nasty red peppers [I hate bell peppers of any color], and mushrooms). I was pretty full but had a taste of Ben & Dwaine’s beef dish. The beef was very tender and tasty. For dessert, my prix fixe meal came with a chocolate cake topped with coconut gelato and sliced papaya. We all shared it. I was disappointed with it because the cake was dry. Everyone else seemed to think it was decent. Heather also took a great pic of the dessert.

I think it’s safe to say that we all recommend Hamersley’s Bistro for a exquisite & romantic dinner. Oh and expensive!

The next day I took Dwaine back to the Other Side cafe for b-fast. I had b-fast envy because his b-fast burrito was chockful of guac and cheese. I had a veggie omlet with no cheese! BORING. I ended up horking some of it on the way to Salem for our witchtastic adventure. I got a bit motion sick in the back seat. No worries though, more room for a yummy lunch! We lunched at The Witch’s Brew across from the inlet. It was my turn to have a grilled cheese (w/tomato) but it came out as a ham & cheese! I sent it back and by the time I got my sando everyone was done with their meal. Heather had a crock of French Onion soup and split a burger with Ben. Oh and we started with zucchini sticks. They were great. We enjoyed a piece of our candies we got from the oldest candy shop in the country before we went to lunch. We all got a few pieces of their hand made chocolates. After a witchy day in Salem, we headed back to the Newtons. We were going to get a workout in, but Heather & Ben’s gym closed at 6:00 so we all jogged to the liquor store. Not kidding! Ben and I mostly walked though because we were hurting from the cold. That evening we went to a local resto and had a hummus app and followed that up w/din at the Local. The Local is really popular w/locals and non-locals. It received great reviews so we waited over 45 min for a table. In the meantime we had an app of fried pickles w/chipotle aioli and another app of warm chips w/french onion dip. Three fried apps in one day! They were all great and worth the guilt. Once we got our seat we ordered right away. Heather was on her best behavior and ordered a mixed green rabbit food salad. It looked disgusting. I only eat mixed greens if they’re covered in stuff and I’m really hungry! Heather’s a champ. Ben ordered the truffle and chive mac & cheese. It was very pungent and GOOD! Dwaine and I order the peas & ham mac & cheese and a blue cheese wedge and a kobe beef burger. WOW. We went all out. I knew I was going to make up for my bad behavior w/a healthy Sugar and Spice b-fast at Heather and Ben’s.

This morning I got to try Vitamuffins and Barney Butter! FINALLY! After reading about the two I was anxious to sample them. I also had some Earth Balance which was surprising spreadable and tasty.

After that I had some eggs (Heather put her usual spice blend in them) on a piece of her low cal wheat bread.

Ugh. I’m very full right now. I’m also wired from the coffee Ben made which was like rocket fuel. We’re heading to Providence for the day and flying out tonight. Hopefully the storm doesn’t delay us and we’re not stuck at the airport. It’s been a delicious trip! Thanks Heather and Ben! And thanks Heather for letting me guest blog!


4 thoughts on “Guest blogger in da house!

  1. Loved reading about all of your wonderful food adventures in the Boston area! Great meeting you too, Nicole, and nice to see Dwaine again! Hope you two got home safely!!

  2. Great work, Nicole! Nice write-up of your cuisine cruise in Boston. Sounds like the weather got wicked before you got back to DC.

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