Calorie Counting in the news…

Just another quick post –

Calorie counting has been in the news lately, how strange! I feel like this article from the Wall Street Journal goes really well with my blog postings from this past week. Here is the link – enjoy for some interesting calorie counting reading!

Calorie Counters Have It Right, Diet Study Says

OK, now we’re off to a witchy adventure!! See ya later!


2 thoughts on “Calorie Counting in the news…

  1. Hey well whadda ya know? I just so happen to have started calorie counting a few days ago. I’m going to read your earlier posts, too, but I was just so excited that my method is being validated that I just had to say yippie!

    It seems so often that our “diets” are being found problematic by scientists, so I’m glad you posted this.


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