Saturday Night – Saland & Gelato!

Hi All:

Saturday night was very fun. Ann came over at around 5:30 and we had a great time catching up and drinking vanilla sparkling water – yum. It was so refreshing because it was a little hot up on the second & third floor (which is where I live!)  After about an hour of chatting, I started preparing the toppings for our salads.

We moved into the kitchen and I started chopping:

And preparing the other toppings:

The Earth Balance was for the toast points I made, not for the salads 🙂

Here is how my salad came out:

Close up:

My salad was fantastic!! I had mixed greens as a base, broccoli, tomato, carrots, red peppers, organic chick peas, organic sunflower “nuts”, cucumbers, baco-bits, garlic hummus, tuna and croutons.  I also enjoyed a couple of toast points (not pictured – I forgot!) that I prepared with When Pigs Fly sourdough bread, Earth Balance and garlic.  I was so happy eating my big salad for dinner. 🙂

After an hour or two we went for a walk to explore the local candy store. I had heard rumors from my neighbors that this store, Bon Bon, sells the most amazing gelato. I was so happy to discover that they do!  Ann and I both enjoyed some amazing gelato – it really hit the spot after our healthy dinner 😉

This was a “medium” (their smallest size!?) and I thought there was no way I would eat this entire serving. Guess what? I did. Of course I did. It was so good!

The Gelato was a great end to a fun night. After Ann left, I read my book (Julie and Julia – I still love it!) and went to bed around 11 o’clock.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday morning!


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