Friday night

In my earlier post I totally forgot to mention what I had for dinner last night! I ate late, my awesome snack of hummus, pita chips and carrots really held me over nicely!

I feel so lame reporting my dinner, but it was my old stand by: Trader Joe’s pot stickers, steamed broccoli and brown rice along with a lovely dipping sauce.  Why do I love this dinner so much!? I just do not know. I think one reason is that it feels like I am ordering out when in fact the dinner is easily made at home and fairly healthy and low in calories and fat.  Oh – and it tastes wonderful.

Here is what my plate looked like last night:

I ate every bite. 🙂

Later in the evening while I was reading other blogs and watching some Sex & The City, I snacked on some air popped popcorn and a small handful of sour patch kids. :mrgreen:

It was a quiet and relaxed Friday night!


2 thoughts on “Friday night

  1. Those sour patch kids are really good! And I can’t find them in Colorado–at least not where I shop–Safeway and Walmart. Guess that’s a treat for when I come to Boston. Also, the pot stickers–are they pork or chicken? They look good, but only if they are chicken.

    1. Hi Marilyn!
      The pot stickers come in chicken, veggie and pork. I always get either chicken or veggie. They are sooo good!

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