Tuesday… the blog is back (sort of)

Hey All –

I feel like I’ve been away for days… and there was a good reason.  On Sunday afternoon I donated my very old iBook G4 (Mac laptop from the early 2000s!) to a good cause – my sister! She has never owned her own computer (what!?) so when I decided that I needed an upgrade, I asked her if she would like to take my iBook.  

I had Sarah come over on Sunday so that I could sit down with her and show her how to use a Mac… she has been using a PC for the last several at the office.  After about an hour of showing her iPhoto, iTunes (how has she survived with her iPod for so long and no computer!?) and a few other things, she is now enjoying her “new” iBook. 

So, I gave away my computer on Sunday, and did not get my hands on my new computer until tonight at 8:30 when I finally got to the FED EX office that was sort of holding my new MacBook Pro hostage safely in their warehouse / pick up area.  I was not able to log on to the Internet until 10:15 tonight, so I’m just getting everything set up. 

You might wonder, what have I been eating!? Here is a really quick re-cap with photos to come tomorrow, I promise. 

Yesterday for breakfast I had half of a blueberry muffin from Bread & Chocolate. For lunch Ben made me amazing turkey and lettuce wrap, and I had half a cup of yogurt with PB2, ground flax and a sprinkle of granola with fresh raspberries.  For dinner Ben and I went to one of our favorite French wine bars after work and enjoyed bread, cheese and some apps. I also had a great glass of Pinot Noir. 

Today’s breakfast was cold cereal (but it was good! Peanut butter Puffins and the TJ’s fiber cereal with light vanilla soy milk).  I had breakfast early (for me) at 7 o’clock this morning… so by 11 o’clock I was hungry and had to break into my afternoon snack of a Luna cookie – amazing. (more later, I promise  –  but if you see the Luna cookies at your local market – pick one up and give it a try 95% organic and they are really wonderful! They are whole grain and packed full of vitamins and minerals and usually only about 130 calories)

 Lunch was another lunch meeting (there have been so many lately – what is up with that!?) but it was a bring your own. I had another turkey and lettuce wrap – but this time with an amazing new hummus that my sister and I discovered on Sunday – a white bean and basil TJ’s hummus – fantastic!) and carrot sticks.  

Tonight for dinner I made a pizza.  I had a special dough from Trader Joe’s, garlic and herb. Before I started the pizza, I cut up three peppers (orange, yellow and red!) and roasted them in the oven. The roasted peppers made a wonderful topping for our healthy pizza. It turned out to be pretty. 🙂 More importantly, it tasted flavorful – it really hit the spot. 

Well, I am going to keep setting up my new computer… tomorrow is a super busy day. I have a full day at work, a hair cut at 5:30 (photos to follow tomorrow night hopefully) and then I’m attending a fundraiser for my friend Lauren who is running the Falmouth Road Race to fight MS later this summer.  I hope to be able to get home to do my first official blog to re-cap tomorrow’s awesomely busy day. 

I hope you are all having a great week so far. I am really sort of shocked that tomorrow is hump day already! FYI – I have overnight oats in the fridge for tomorrow’s breakfast – yum. See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday… the blog is back (sort of)

  1. Well, I say it was awfully nice of you to give your sister your computer. I am glad she is enjoying it and reading your blog!

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