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Friday special: Grilled Salmon!

Hi All –

Wow, I feel like I’ve had quite a weekend  –  but more on that later 🙂  It is Sunday morning, and I still have to do a brief re-cap of Friday!

For breakfast I had a great little yogurt (literally, it was only two ounces!!) from Yoplait. It was raspberry, and quite good.  My hunger has definitely been strange these days.  I have been a lot less hungry, and so I have been eating less.  I had breakfast with my friend Coral, and I did not get a pic of my baby sized yogurt!

Somehow that crazy thing kept me going until 12:10 when I took a break for lunch. I had left over chicken stir fry (with onion and red peppers) and an apple with TJ’s raw almond butter.  It was sort of a strange combo – but it worked!

The plate that I ate my lunch on is my office “cake” plate that my friend Laurie made for me!  I love having a plate in my office, it often makes my lunch a lot easier to eat 🙂 Thanks Laurie!

At 2:45 I needed an afternoon snack. I was deciding between four little peanut butter crackers (totally processed food – I cannot help it – I still love these peanut butter crackers!) and a PURE bar. I decided to enjoy the PURE bar because I knew it would keep me full for a few hours, and I was not disappointed!

Yum… this is one of my favorite flavors of PURE bar:

I was so happy to hear from Ben on Friday afternoon. He was in a conference in Providence and went to Whole Foods after he got out to get great food for dinner. He bought me salmon and some “great” steaks for mom and himself.  I love it when Ben grills dinner for us!

I made whole grain cous-cous (that Ben found for me per my request @ WF). Ben made his famous mushrooms sautéed in red wine and butter (I’m pretty sure that Julia Child would approve of this recipe).

But before I get to the main course – I will focus on the hors d’oeuvre!  Ben bought bacon wrapped scallops and made them under the broiler in my mom’s oven. They were amazing. I had two out of the three that were on my plate!

We also had garlic hummus and pita bread, and Trader Joe’s sweet potato chips – which were amazingly wonderful :

OK – on to dinner. We definitely had quite a few snacks after work, and we sat down for dinner close to 9 o’clock in the evening.  It was perfect timing.  On a side note, when I was growing up, we always ate late on Fridays and Saturdays. My dad would make amazing dinners and quite often we would sit down around 9 o’clock to enjoy our meal together. I love eating on the late side, especially on the weekends!

Here is my plate: I put lemon, a touch of butter, lots of freshly ground pepper and a small pinch of salt on my salmon before Ben put it on the grill. I put a bit more lemon on it when it was on my plate:

This was such an amazing dinner!!! I simply must start eating salmon and other fish more often… especially in the summer while we can grill outside. I loved the whole wheat cous cous as well. I had to add some fresh veggies to my plate because we forgot to make the asperagus we were planning on grilling! Oops! The mushrooms were really for the steaks, but I love Ben’s mushrooms – so I had a couple with my dinner as well. 🙂

Well, that wraps up Friday. Oh – after dinner we decided to make brownies, so we did and they were amazing. It was very late by the time I had a small brownie and half a scoop of low fat vanilla ice cream… no picture was taken!

I hope everyone had a great Friday and is having a good weekend.


One thought on “Friday special: Grilled Salmon!

  1. Don’t forget the delicious brie before dinner! My steak was delicious! And the left overs made perfect stirfry on Saturday night! Thanks, again, Ben!

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