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Sunday – salads for dinner

Hey All –

Another weekend has flown by 😦  It is amazing that it was sooo cloudy all day here, but we never had rain. It was definitely a good thing!

A while after having my smoothie, I went for a 2.3 mile run around my neighborhood. While it was cloudy, and I thought it would be a great day for a run, it was humid and there was no breeze most of the way. Oh well, I still made it through the run I had in my head… I would have liked to go a bit longer though. On the other hand I am really pleased with myself for going on the run, because it had been probably three weeks since I had run outside (all of that rain!) so it was good to get started again. My goal this week is to go for a run in the morning before work at least once this week. I think I can do it! Oh – for all of you iPhone users out there, you can now download my favorite running app for free – MapMyRun 🙂

My smoothie had amazing staying power! I did not have another snack until after 3 o’clock this afternoon! When I did it was a bit of popcorn which I snacked on while watching the movie Benjamin Button.  Have any of you seen this movie? What did you think of it? The jury is still out in our household. After the popcorn I had an apple with peanut butter:

About two hours into the movie, I stopped it because I was very tired. I went to lie down in bed and read Julie and Julia and before I knew it I was asleep.  I got out of bed around 6:30… I hope this oddly timed nap will not mess up my sleeping tonight. But I have a headache now, and I am still tired, so I think I will be going to bed shortly.

For dinner I fixed myself two salads. One salad of greens, veggies and protein (from the tuna and chick peas) which was basically the same as I had Saturday night but on a smaller scale:

The only difference with this salad is that I added almond slivers to it – can you see them?

My other salad was a tri-colored pasta salad that Ben made this afternoon. We let it chill in the fridge for a few hours and it was a really good side dish tonight! I actually didn’t eat all of this pasta salad (and there really was not much in this little bowl) so I put back the rest of it to have tomorrow for lunch or dinner…
It was good!

My Sunday went by pretty quickly. This afternoon after my run, I went out to run some errands. I had to visit the Apple store to get a case for my new (awesome) MacBook Pro (which by the way makes blogging so much easier and faster!!) and a screen cover for my iPhone.  I also bought a new lunch bag, which I will show you tomorrow!  I was so excited to find the very lunch bag I had wanted for so long (a NY Built Gourmet Getaway bag) on sale for only $15!!! They only had two colors left, black and red… I went for the red. I am so pleased with it! After a few more errands I had completed my to-do list, which is exciting!

Ben and I are now so excited to be watching the Next Food Network Star – we love this show! We are enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt, which is really great:

OK, I’ve got to sign off for now to enjoy my foodie show 🙂 See ya’ll tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Sunday – salads for dinner

  1. I thought that Benji Button was a fun, epic story – kind of like the movie version of curling up w/a good book – but nothing super-amazing or Oscar-worthy.

  2. I love eating salads in the summer – it’s a great way to mix together lots of ingredients, tastes, and flavors. I really enjoyed the book Julie & Julia. Can’t wait till the movie comes out!

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