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Hey All:

I finished the BAA 10K and had a great time running it. I am so proud of my first ever Boston Athletic Association medal – I snapped a shot of me and my medal shortly after the race:


One day I hope to add a couple more BAA medals to my collection… definitely a half marathon. I so hope one day to run the Boston marathon, but I honestly just do not see that happening. We’ll see!

It was a family event on Sunday. My mom and our friend David cheered for us. My sister and my friend Chris also ran in the race. My mom had her camera to document the race 🙂

Pre-race photo of the ladies:


Post race snap shots:



It was a humid day, but for most of the race it was overcast and not too hot. But the humidity was sooo oppressive. It was at 95% when the race started. What!? Ew! After the race I grabbed a bagel, a banana (potassium!) a bottle of water and a Gaterade. I rehydrated and ate up some carbs! When we started the walk back to my sister’s house I also popped into Starbucks for an 1% iced latte. It tasted so good!

We enjoyed the rest of the day in Boston and probably walked five miles around the city after the race. We went to Bukowski in the Back Bay and had amazing sandwiches at Mike & Patty’s on Church Street. Thankfully we called our order in ahead, so when we got there we just had to pick up the sandwiches and did not have a super long wait.

Post race beers were so good, too:


We also stopped at JP Licks for ice cream – it was quite a fun day!

It felt soo good to sleep last night. I really wish today had been Sunday and not Monday morning… but off to work I went. I took the train today, and definitely took a nap on the way to work! For breakfast today I had another bagel (somehow I did not have dinner last night so I woke up pretty hungry!)

For lunch I walked over to AuBonPain where I made quite the salad at the salad bar. This salad cost $10.95. I was starving. I added spinach, veggies, and two different types of pasta, a hard boiled egg, chick peas and chicken. I think I had a good mix of fiber, carbs and protein. I ate almost all of it. It might have been a bit much! 🙂


But it looked pretty!

Ok, I have to go to bed now. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Congrats for surviving Monday! 🙂


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