Weekend Re-Cap

This past week was so busy. I had things going on after long days at work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By the time Friday rolled around I was excited for a low key weekend. I was looking forward to getting home, having dinner and going to bed early with my new book The Greater Journey by David McCullough.

However, my sister had other plans in mind. She made a reservation at our favorite restaurant for 3 people at 8 o’clock on Friday evening.

I worked until 4:30 and then met my friend Rachel for our after work running group. We ran 4.45 miles and got back to the office just as it started to rain. We timed it perfectly, because originally we were going to start our outing at 5 o’clock. Most of our run was at a 9:30 minute mile. But after three miles, we walked for a bit and that brought our average time up to a 10 minute mile. I was really happy with that especially considering how tired I was on Friday afternoon.

Here is a quick recap of some of the events of the week.

Wednesday was my mom’s retirement party at Bravo restaurant in Providence. This is one of my favorite places and for this party my mom’s teacher friends rented the upstairs area. It was a great gathering:


On Thursday I had a fun party with some of my work colleagues to say good bye to one of our favorite people who was leaving our office after over ten years of working with us. As I told my friend Sharon on Thursday, she was my first friend at the office and I do not know where I would be without her. For the farewell we had a bowling party at Boston Bowl. It was a great party – but we were all sad to say good-bye.



By the time Friday rolled around, I was pretty warn out from the events of the week. Running with Rachel certainly helped, and after that I had a second wind. I was still thinking that after dinner I would go to bed and read my book. Who would have thought that I would have stayed up hanging out with my sister and another friend until 6:30 in the morning??? You never know when nights like that are going to come around, when they do I guess you just have to go with it. I am pretty sure I have not pulled an all nighter since college. When the birds started chirping and the sun came up, I could not believe it.

I spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy 🙂 I slept a lot on Saturday and today I have been doing laundry, and fun things like that. Today’s food started off with breakfast: a mini-whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. Lunch was a peach, a Chobani 2 % yogurt (pineapple flavor) and a couple of hours later I made a veggie wrap.



The wrap was a multigrain one. I added a small sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and put the wrap in the toaster oven. Then I added spinach, tomato, cucumber, red and orange peppers, garlic hummus and a small drizzle of Annie’s goddess dressing. It was a great wrap (although a bit messy!)

I am hoping to go for a quick run at 6 o’clock tonight and then I will have dinner – a small piece of pork chops that were cooked on the grill and grilled vegetables – summer squash, zucchini and onions with a couple of basil leaves. (I have already tried the grilled vegetables and they are amazing!)

I hope you have all had a great weekend!


One thought on “Weekend Re-Cap

  1. The picture of you and your mom and sister is really great! I hope your mom enjoys her redirection–I’m certain that she will!

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