A Dinner with Mike and Meg!

Hi Bloggies –

I honestly do not know where to begin, because I am sort of behind in the blog. This week, or should I say the last couple of weeks have been super busy and I just have not had as much time as I would like to update the Blog. But this is a new week (and the Olympics are over – this might help me out!) and I am re-committing myself to the blog (are you noticing a pattern yet!? I feel like I am always re-committing myself to live style changes, exercising, or the blog… )

A couple of weeks ago Mark and I had dinner with our friends Michael and Megan. Mike and Meg made a fantastic dinner for the four of us to enjoy. Mike grilled steaks and asparagus (nothing like grilled veggies!), Megan made a wonderful caesar salad, homemade mashed potatoes, and a phenomenal balsamic reduction sauce… the recipe was from Giada’s food network page. I helped Megan make the sauce, we were stirring it pretty constantly – and it was amazing!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera that night, but of course I had my iPhone, so I snapped a shot:


The beautiful plates we enjoyed our dinner dated back to the Great Depression and are heirlooms passed down to Megan from her family. I loved these plates! It was a really fun night hanging out with Megan and Michael (and their awesome daughters!). For the record, we did have dessert. I was planning on making valentine’s themed cupcakes (dinner was February 13) but after hosting a breakfast, going to a birthday party and running errands in between the best I could do was stop by Whole Foods to pick up cupcakes – but they were decorated with hearts, and they were good! 🙂 But the highlight of course was dinner – fantastic!


2 thoughts on “A Dinner with Mike and Meg!

  1. You have an office golden retriever? How neat! Even if he does eat your muffin. I miss our golden retriever.

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