A Surprise Scone

There is nothing like a surprise breakfast treat waiting for you when you get to your office. This has possibly happened to me a few times in my professional life and it always makes my day – I cannot even tell you how happy I am when this sort of thing happens.

On Tuesday when I was walking into my office, after a long commute as usual, I was shocked to see a bag hanging off of my office door with my name on it!


A bag for me – from Hector?! Hector is the office golden retriever that I love. We always greet each other affectionately every morning we see each other. He runs to the door when I come in, and he just makes my morning better because he is always happy to see me 🙂 Last week, he was especially happy because I was holding a cranberry muffin in my hand as I petted his head with my free hand. He quickly nudged my muffin holding hand, I dropped the muffin and he ate it in one huge gulp. Oops! I know how human food can be bad news for dogs, so I ran over to Hector’s owner to let him know that Hector had just eaten a human and the muffin paper 😦 I did not care that my breakfast muffin was in Hector’s tummy – I just hoped it wouldn’t make him sick. I had instant oatmeal in my lunch bag, so I was fine.

Back to Tuesday – and the bag waiting for me. I looked inside, wondering what I would find:


Three chocolate chip cookies and a cranberry scone! Are you kidding me!? I was so surprised and excited for a special breakfast:


YUM. I went out to Hector’s owner to thank him – and tell him how unnecessary this was – but it really made my day! I think that every time Hector greets me now, he secretly hopes that I have another muffin or some other human treat for him! 😀


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