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Week in Rewind

Well bloggies, I’m behind but writing a few catch up entries 🙂

Breakfast this week was switched up a few times. Oatmeal, scone, yogurt, Larabar, etc. It was a great week for breakfast, since I usually eat the same thing every single day. Here is a photographic re-cap:

Quaker Low Sugar Instant Oatmeal


Cranberry Scone (thanks Hector!)

Stoneyfield Yogurt with PB2, Ground Flax and Whole Foods Vanilla Cranberry granola – best combo EVER

Cherry Pie Larabar:
P2220010.JPG P2220011.JPG

Lunch – a few amazing sandwiches with lots of veggies and carrot sticks!


This sandwich was turkey, 1/2 piece of Swiss cheese, tomato, cucumbers, spinach, tomato & basil hummus, dijon mustard and red onions. Holy Yum – this sandwich was so crunchy and flavorful – one of my all time favorites!

The next day I switched it up a bit:


Egg salad sandwich with spinach, red onion and tomato. My mom makes the best egg salad. She adds a little bit of vinegar and mixes the eggs using dijon mustard as the binding agent. There is nothing like it!

For dinner on Monday night I made cassoulet. White beans, chicken sausage, celery, onion, carrots, mushrooms and chicken stock – oh and a lot of garlic! Garnished with parsley and parmesan cheese:


It was even better the next night after all of the flavors had a while to meld together. Cassoulet is such an amazing dinner option for the cold, snowy winter nights. I love it!

It was a pretty good week for food 🙂 I am really looking forward to dinner tonight – mom has made chicken noodle soup, yum!


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