One Salad a Day

I have read more than once that Mark Bittman recommends eating at least one salad a day. I love this advice and I try to follow it (and recommend it myself to others!) as best that I can.

I have been eating one salad a day all week, usually a big one for lunch. Today I decided to make my salad into a wrap. It is always good to change it up if you start feeling like you are eating the same thing every day 🙂

Today I used a whole wheat wrap, sprinkled just a little cheddar cheese, added two handfuls of spinach, some red pepper, cucumbers and hummus.


It was really pretty and colorful! Then I wrapped it up… and it was a little less colorful…


…. and enjoyed with a big glass of water. It was a wonderful lunch. I spent the afternoon finishing up the latest book I have been reading. Have you read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford? I just finished it and it was a wonderful story – historical fiction. I highly recommend it.

Now I have a few options on what to read next. I’m considering At Home by Bill Bryson, The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown and The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer (he wrote about the National Archives, so I feel obligated to read it – but I also hear that it is very good!). If you have books to recommend, as always, please let me know!

Can we not discuss the snow storm the weather channel is predicting for my area!? I will be so thrilled when it is actually spring – or does snow mean it is spring in New England?


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