Happy Friday evening, everyone!! Tonight I was just about to take a long nap when my mom started cooking chili. Mark Bittman came to the rescue (again) and this chili recipe gave me some energy to stay up a little bit longer. The recipe came from Bittman’s book Kitchen Express which I really like a lot. He creates recipes with ingredients that you would have around the house and comes up with the most amazing and fresh meals. I love it!

I prepared the cilantro:

Image 1.jpg

Mom and I both took turns adding seasoning and ingredients to the chili pot. I added white kidney beans, mom added tomatoes, and she had already prepared the garlic, lean ground beef, and onion. We had sour cream, cheddar cheese, and the cilantro for garnish.

Here is my chili bowl:


It is odd to me that we are eating chili for dinner and it is almost April 1st. I do not think we had chili all winter for some reason (it really was not all that wintery – maybe that is why?). Even more strange to me is that the weather forecast is calling for snow tomorrow. Seriously? It was 85 degrees last week.

More posts to come this weekend, so stay tuned. See you in a bit!


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