Happy Friday evening, everyone!! Tonight I was just about to take a long nap when my mom started cooking chili. Mark Bittman came to the rescue (again) and this chili recipe gave me some energy to stay up a little bit longer. The recipe came from Bittman’s book Kitchen Express which I really like a…… Continue reading Chili

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Go Out & Vote!

Happy Election Day, everyone! I love Election Day.  Even though it might be sort of a bad night for progressives, I still love seeing democracy in action. If you have not done so already, go run out and vote! I took the train in today, I had a good half hour of reading on my…… Continue reading Go Out & Vote!


Chili for Lunch

Hi All – Well, I think the chili Mark and I made was a hit!  Mark said that he loved it, and that makes me happy. I love the seasoning we used in the mixture, thanks to our wonderful ATK cookbook. I was a little shocked that it called for 1/4 cup of chili powder…… Continue reading Chili for Lunch


A Relaxing Sunday…

It does not get better than this! I have had such a relaxing day. I slept in just a bit (9 o’clock is awesome considering I wake up at 5:45 during the week). Mark and I walked to one of our new weekend hangouts, our neighborhood Seven Stars: This Seven Stars is especially cool -…… Continue reading A Relaxing Sunday…