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A Trip To Trader Joe’s…

…really made my day super special today! Two weeks ago I found out that there was a new Trader Joe’s in town. For a lot of people this would be exciting news no matter what. Yes, so many of us love Trader Joe’s. But this new store and location was especially fantastic for me – it is literally on my way home from work!!! I was thrilled to go to Patriot Place today and do some grocery shopping.

Do you love Trader Joe’s? Do you ever wonder why you like going there so much? I used to wonder this – but now I really do not wonder. I love the food, I love how unique and tasty it is. I love that it is affordable. I love that the stores are clean (even the busiest ones in Boston!). I love their soaps, their sponges [seriously – if you haven’t tried their yellow compact sponges, pick up a package – I think you’ll like them a lot!]. But most importantly, I love the people that work there! They are all so nice, so helpful, cheerful and they make the shopping experience a joy. The trip to Trader Joe’s really helped make my day better!

Back to the rest of my day. I had a Luna bar (lemon zest) for breakfast and two cups of coffee. I had a super busy day at work, and it was really quite fun, too. I managed to get a brisk walk in at lunch which I was thankful for since it started raining this afternoon and I am not sure when it will be dry out again.

Lunch was a sort of strange combo, but it really worked for me. A salad, about 1/3 cup of homemade tomato sauce and half of a chicken sausage. I threw in a mini Babybel cheese and a couple of whole wheat crackers, too:

Image 5.jpg

After work I went to get an oil change for my much beloved Subaru. During the oil change I kindly refused their freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and munched on a Kashi peanut butter granola bar. After getting the car back, I went to Trader Joe’s where I bought a bag full of groceries and a bottle of wine. (Yes, they have wine and beer at this lovely new store!!! I almost cannot stand it. So. Exciting.)

A lot of my readers ask me what to make when they are making dinner for one and want to eat a healthy meal. I had an interesting dinner, and it used to be my GO TO dinner when I was cooking dinner for one almost every night.

Image 4.jpg

First, on the side. A spinach salad with a few croutons, grape tomatoes and a drizzle of Annie’s honey mustard dressing. The main course was a quesadilla made with a veggie burger, Trader Joe’s light Mexican cheese and spinach. On the side, salsa and light sour cream. I also had a tall glass of skim milk with dinner.

After dinner I sipped on tea and read my book. At around 9 o’clock I was hungry again, so I had a small bowl of Cheerios and skim milk. I am heading to bed now because I have another busy day at work tomorrow.

Good night!


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