Exercise, Reading and Snacks

Last week was a pretty successful “back to a healthy routine” week. I exercised every single day, except for Friday when it was pouring down rain. But seven out of eight days of exercise is not bad! I also ate healthily every day, too. It is hard to balance everything, so I did not get to the blog too much last week – but in a trade off I got a lot of reading and relaxation done 🙂

I had Fage yogurt or Luna bars for breakfast on most days. But on Thursday morning I was able to go to work later than normal, and I woke up and made breakfast at home. This was such a treat! I had coffee, Kashi cereal and I even read my nook for a few minutes as I enjoyed breakfast:

Image 1.jpg

My afternoon snacks were pretty healthy and satisfying:

Image 2.jpg

(normally I do not consume Jif peanut butter! But I loved these To Go containers, and I bought a small package of them for our vacation the week before) I got at least two servings out of one of these containers – if you do use them, keep in mind that if you eat an entire container (I could do that so easily!!) it would be 250 calories 🙂

Another snack:

Image 3.jpg

This weekend I continued the exercise and nutritional eating. It was also the first weekend that I really felt like autumn was here. I made pumpkin stove top oats, and even an apple crisp! On Saturday night we had fresh bread and black bean soup for dinner. I love fall and I love healthy comfort food!!

My Monday went pretty well. Breakfast was a Luna bar and coffee. A 10:30 AM snack of Fage 0% yogurt. At lunch I took a walk and ate a turkey wrap sandwich with onion, tomato, lettuce, roasted red pepper, cucumbers, hummus and mustard. It was so good! After work I went to the gym. There was nothing I wanted to do less than go to the gym today. Apparently NO ONE wanted to go to the gym because as I was reading and working out on the elliptical machine I could not believe how empty the entire place was. I only lasted 21 minutes on the elliptical machine (what is wrong with me???) but I didn’t give up – I went over to the bike and biked for 15 minutes. It was not my best work out, but it was better than nothing. Combined with my walk I had over an hour of cardio. I also had a busy day at the office and was on my feet a lot.

Tonight is homemade tomato sauce, pasta, chicken sausage and salad. Talk about comfort food! See you tomorrow.


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