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Friday AM Run

On Thursday night I knew I had to work late on Friday. I told my co-worker that I would be in ‘later in the morning’ on Friday. Usually I try to get to work before 7:30 AM. Today I was aiming to get in at 9:30 AM. My alarm still went off early – 6 o’clock in the morning – but instead of having a nice leisurely morning, I got my butt in gear and went for a run.

That is right. I left my house at 6:40 this morning and drove to my favorite running area and cranked out 3 slow miles.  It has been hot again this week, so my other workouts have been indoor, at the gym. (That was Tuesday and Wednesday, in case you were wondering.)

Even though my run was on the slower side (sometimes it is hard to find the energy to run when you haven’t eaten yet for the day) I was kind of pleased that I  pushed myself out the door and went running this morning. It even sprinkled a little bit and that was refreshing because it was muggy and warm this morning, even at 7am.

Thankfully on Thursday night I made some preparations for Friday’s breakfast.  I made overnight oats in a mason jar:


I also brewed an entire pot of coffee last night just so I could have iced coffee this morning after my run:


Last week Mom and I bought vanilla chai spiced coffee from Trader Joe’s. The first time we brewed a pot of it we used all vanilla chai for the pot. This time I used half of a breakfast blend and half of the vanilla chai and this was a much better balance. I added light vanilla soy milk to the mix, too and it was delish. Really refreshing after a summer morning run!


Happy Friday, everyone! Hope your weekends are fun filled. I’ll be back soon to talk about the week and the weekend.


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