Good Advice

The other night I was so sad to learn that Nora Ephron passed away on Tuesday. I loved her writing, and I will always remember this one article she wrote that was in The New Yorker about her apartment in New York. I just loved it. I loved Heartburn and my mom loved I Feel Bad About My Neck (which I will probably read sometime soon).

Of course I loved her movies. Maybe this weekend I will watch a few of my favorite Ephron movies. What are your favorites? Some of mine are: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Julie & Julia and one of my all time favorite movies is You’ve Got Mail. I just love it! I even remember the first time I saw it in the theaters with my mom. 🙂 I cannot quite understand why I am so sad about her passing, but it really has affected me.

As I was driving to work on Wednesday morning I heard her talking on NPR. She was talking about how she and her friends had a tradition where they would think about their “last meal” – their favorite food, or something that was really decadent or rich that they did not indulge in regularly. Then one of her best friends was dying of throat cancer, and she could not eat her last meal. The lesson that Ephron learned from this experience (and what she was telling the NPR audience) was eat your “last meal” often. Don’t put things off because you never know when you won’t be able to do them again. Live in the now, and do not live thinking that “I will get to that” sometime in the future.

On Wednesday night I made a great dinner, and I thought about what Nora Ephron said as I ate it.

Dinner was portabella mushroom ravioli, basil and tomato sauce with freshly grated parm-reg cheese and two pieces of french bread toasted with garlic and earth balance. It was lovely.



2 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. There was a coffee table book done a couple of years ago that featured chefs and what they would have for their last meal. It is called “The Last Supper”. There are some amazing recipes in it.

    And mine is “My Blue Heaven”…

    1. I’ve seen that book! Thanks for reminding me about it… that might be a must have 🙂 I still have to see “my Blue Heaven”!

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