Just for the record…

OK, just for the record: I do not come home every single night from work all excited and ready to cook. I’m not always bounding into the kitchen ready to create a new recipe and cook up a storm. Sometimes it’s all I can do to open up a can of soup and collapse on the couch. Just saying.

A lot of my friends and colleagues think I eat amazing food every single night for dinner. Ahh, I wish! Because I know nights like this come around every so often, I try to do my best to stock the kitchen with a couple of things that I can go home to and have a decent dinner (some are more decent than others… a can of Amy’s reduced sodium soup, ‘fresh’ pasta from Trader Joe’s, Annie’s mac & cheese, turkey meatballs from the freezer, you get the idea.)

Tonight was one of the days I gave up on the gym after work. I got myself to the grocery store where I picked up milk for coffee in the morning, more lime yogurts (yum!!), oranges, bananas, hot sauce for my office, Boar’s Head no salt added turkey and four thin slices of Alpine Lace swiss cheese. (Weird, right?) I went home, took a shower, changed into sweats, and opened up a box of soup from Trader Joe’s and heated it on the stove. Have you tried Trader Joe’s pumpkin soup yet?! If not – give it a try. I’m pretty sure it’s a seasonal item. It’s high in sodium (in my meager opinion) but I figure as a very seldom treat, it would be ok. After the soup was hot, I got to work making a turkey sandwich on an Arnold sandwich thin with lettuce and a slice of swiss cheese.

Here was the final product:

Image 5.jpg

I jazzed up the soup with some croutons, a little bit of cheese and dabs of hot sauce. Because if you can jazz up soup every once in a while, it’s a good thing. The sandwich was not all that bad either.

So, this was just for the record – because I did not want you to think that I go around cooking every single day. I definitely do not.

On another note, I took another [almost] pre-sunrise walk today. On my way back, the view was amazing:

Image 6.jpg

Seriously!? This view does NOT get old. And for my daily fitbit report, I’m at 14,350 steps for the day.

Happy Tuesday, blog readers! See you tomorrow – and I will have some cooking ideas for you!


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