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A Sun Rise Walk

Happy Monday night, everyone. I have said it before – but I always feel like I have accomplished something on Monday nights. I have gotten up early (5:25 AM most mornings) and commuted to work, worked a day and gotten home. I do not make a habit of wishing away my work week (because then you end up wishing away most of your life, which would be horrible) but Monday mornings are hard. So, I always feel like celebrating when I’m at the end of a Monday. 🙂

I left the house before 6AM this morning – and I was really proud of myself for this. I prepped all of my things Sunday night, including packing a healthy lunch for Monday and Tuesday (making my Monday night that much more enjoyable – go me!). Doing all of this prep work on Sunday made my Monday morning much more manageable.

I got to work before 7AM and decided to treat myself to a pre-sunrise Monday morning walk. Wow, it was beautiful. I was so glad that I had my iPhone with me to capture some of these moments.

The sun light was just starting to fill the sky in the east up as I started my walk this morning:


The moon was still high in the sky, too:

Image 1.jpg

Several minutes into my walk, the sun was peaking through on the horizon:

Image 3.jpg

Can we say beautiful? I just love that I have started making a habit of taking a walk and enjoying this beautiful scenery. A couple of months ago I would rush to my office as soon as I got to work. But now that I am taking a few moments to myself for a morning walk, I am so much happier. It is the perfect start to my day.

For breakfast I had another Chobani lime Greek yogurt. I can’t stay enough about this flavor – I just adore it. My lunch was fantastic today, and no less than three of my colleagues asked to trade with me today! I had the left over kale, pasta, chicken and penne from Saturday with veggie sticks (carrots and celery) and hummus:

Image 4.jpg

I was so happy with this lunch! I have the same thing tomorrow, so I’m very excited for that, too. Before I ate lunch I went for my normal lunch walk, too.

Here is an interesting note about the smaller containers of hummus that are now for sale at a lot of grocery stores. In my head (and I am not the only one, I have been told)I thought the small container of hummus was a single serving. I have no idea why I thought this. I know a serving of hummus is about two tablespoons. I also know that there is no way that this smaller container (as I refer to it now!) is NOT two tablespoons. No. Way. So, before I dug into the hummus with my veggie sticks, I read the label. There are THREE servings in this container. Good to know. I won’t forget. So, with all of my veggie sticks, I officially ate half of the hummus. I sealed it back up and put it back into the refrigerator and I will enjoy it again tomorrow, with the rest of the veggie strips I had prepped the night before.

Final thought for the day – here is my Fitbit for the day – over 14,000 steps. I’m pretty psyched about this, especially since I had dinner plans right after work and was not able to go to the gym. Here is my proof:

Image 2.jpg

Woot!! I just love my Fitbit and the fact that it inspires me to take more steps because I do not want to be below 10,000 steps if I can help it.

OK, I am almost falling asleep at the computer – so it is time for bed, and it’s only 10PM. See you tomorrow, bloggies!


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