A Beautiful Day…

Wow, what a Saturday – weather wise!! It was in the low 60s in Providence today, a dream come true. I really love the first day where it feels like spring, and I am pretty sure that is what we had today.

My alarm went off at 8:30 this morning. I had already woken up at 7 but was able to go right back to sleep. (If there is one thing I have no trouble doing, it is sleeping in the morning – I have more of a problem falling asleep at night…)

Once my alarm went off, I looked at my iPhone to see what the temperature was outside. My phone read a chilly 37 degrees. 😦 I put on my running pants, a tee shirt and a long sleeved Under Armor shirt and put on my running shoes. I grabbed two filled water bottles, a banana for a post run snack, my phone, ear phones, headband, and a vanilla bean GU gel and was out the door. The second I walked outside, I could tell it was a lot warmer than 37 degrees. I brought all of my ‘gear’ to the car and then went right back inside to change into shorts.

I am really glad that I changed into my Nike running shorts. It made my run this morning so much more enjoyable. I kept on my long sleeved shirt, but ended up wrapping it around my waste about half way through the run.

I had a break through today (finally!) and jog and ran 3.2 miles in 34:30 minutes stopping and walking just once to take off my long sleeved layer. I was rather happy with this outing.

After the exercise I ate the banana I had packed while driving to Whole Foods.  I picked up a few items I had been living without for a while…. protein powder, ground flax seed, chia seeds, more coconut water and I found a new Built lunch bag! It was a productive (but expensive) shopping trip.

When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my mom had made her (or Mark Bittman’s!) amazing popovers.  I had one for a second breakfast with a strawberry rhubarb jam – what an amazing combination. The popovers were so light and fluffy – I just loved them.

I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon hanging out with one of my Boston area friends who was nice enough to drive down and visit me.  He hung a few paintings for my mom, who had decided to re-decorate our living room. It looks wonderful now. After the picture hanging, coffee drinking, and popover eating, my friend and I went over to Roger Williams Park and Zoo. I had not been to the Park in ages – and we ended up walking through green houses and having a great experience at the zoo. I am not sure if I had ever seen a snow leopard in person  –  but now I have.  The bats definitely freaked me out though. 😦

After the zoo I was starving – and it was four o’clock. We headed over to Thayer Street in Providence and had a great meal at Spats.  I ordered a hamburger with sautéed  mushrooms and onions and sweet potato fries on the side. I also enjoyed a Harpoon Summer – tis the season, I guess??  I have read that beer is a really good recovery drink after a run – the hops are good for your joints. I felt sort of healthy enjoying my beer this afternoon 🙂

Tonight I watched Waiting for Superman which is a documentary regarding the education system in America. If you have not seen this movie already, I highly recommend it!  I really enjoyed watching it and I had no idea that the movie was going to make me cry. It was very emotional. It really made me appreciate my amazing education.

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. See you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day…

  1. A new zoo I haven’t been to…. hmmm, better put it on my list! I love going to new zoos, guess I”m just a kid at heart haha!

    1. Wasn’t the giraffe beautiful!? We had a really fun time at the zoo. It made me think of you – I was hoping they would let us feed the giraffes, but no such luck!

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