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A Healthier Tuna Melt, and a late afternoon snack

Hi All –

Today I had my version of a ‘tuna melt’. I love tuna, tuna sandwiches and tuna melts especially. But I have to admit, they are not the healthiest sandwiches in the world – especially when you order one from a restaurant. A lot of mayonnaise is used to make a tuna salad in most places. At my house, I use a small amount of mayo (half a teaspoon!) and to make up for that small amount, I use a small amount (approximately a half teaspoon?) of dijon mustard and a squirt of lemon juice. I always use light tuna instead of white tuna… I read a while ago that light tuna has less mercury in it (but it’s still there so you can’t eat a lot of tuna – personally I wish I could eat it several times a week it is such a lean source of protein!)

Here is what my tuna looks like:


Anyhow. So, I decided that I wanted a tuna melt. But I also didn’t want to use a ton of butter, etc. to make it (ok, part of it was that I was being rather lazy and I had just cleaned up the kitchen. I did not feel like using a pan. How pathetic is that!?) So I decided to make a ‘melt’ via the toaster oven. 🙂

First, I sprinkled shredded Swiss cheese onto two small pieces of whole wheat bread:


I really love cheese these days… it’s sort of weird.


I toasted the bread and melted the cheese and added spinach and tuna on one side. I also prepped carrots sticks to have with the sando. (Two servings of vegetables for the day – yay!) Here is what my plate looked like:


I decided to have one of my small oatmeal cookies with the carrots and sandwich. Why not – I am still on vacation! 😀


I had my lunch around 2 o’clock this afternoon. After watching the conclusion of The Next Food Network Star (one of my favorite television shows, I must say!) I took a trip over to Danielle’s house where I dropped off most of the remaining oatmeal cookies. They were quickly enjoyed by some of our friends, and of course the new mom and dad. I spent a while admiring their new daughter, of course!

At 5 o’clock I had a late afternoon snack… or dinner. I am not quite sure where this meal fits into the day. But I do know that I am going to the movies tonight with my mom, and I will be eating popcorn. So I wanted to make sure I got some more healthy food in me before the movie time!

Here is what I prepared:


Almonds, grape tomatoes, a pear and a whole wheat cracker. I also had about five ounces of coffee mixed with skim milk. I need to stop yawning before heading out for the movie. I cannot wait to see Eat, Pray, Love. I cannot wait. I do not know if it is going to be great or not. But I am sure it will be fun, and I think some of the places in the movie will be beautiful. And there is always the popcorn. 🙂

See you in a bit!


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