Saturday morning:

Even though I stayed up really late last night blogging, reading and sort of watching a movie (Devil Wears Prada – such a fun movie!) I was able to wake up at a decent hour (8:45) this morning. But I did not have breakfast until 10 o’clock. Don’t get me wrong, I was hungry. I just was not sure what I wanted to eat. It was not until my sister started making pancake batter that the decision was made:


Blueberry and banana pancakes with a touch of Trader Joe’s maple syrup.


This was such a good breakfast! I decided to eat breakfast outside. I was a little upset to see what greeted me on our deck table… do you see it?


That is a RED leaf. I looked up, and noticed that the tree above me was definitely starting to change, and fall leaves were clearly visible. Yes, of course I love fall… but sometimes I am sad when I see leaves changing in August. Here is what I saw when I looked up:




It should be said (for the record) that this tree has started to change early every summer. So it is nothing unusual. I sighed, after examining the leaves with my camera and went back to my awesome breakfast:


It was so perfect. I topped the pancakes with more blueberries and just a smear of peanut butter. My sister was much more daring, she topped her pancakes with a generous coating of peanut butter and skipped the maple syrup. (I used maybe a tablespoon or two – a little of the pure stuff goes a long way!)

See you in a bit!


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