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Indian Cuisine At Home

Hi All-

I tried a new recipe tonight, and it produced a great meal of tandoori chicken! During my vacation I actually had time to watch and enjoy the Food Network, and this was definitely a recipe I wanted to try. I am happy to say that it was good, and it was fairly quick and definitely not too complicated to prepare.

But before we get to dinner, back to my early morning!! I woke up at 5:45 this morning, and was out the door by 6:15. I was at my desk at 7:15 this morning, and had a great day at work. Breakfast was on the go (ahh, love going back to work!) and it was one of the new Lärabars. I really liked the chocolate chip cookie dough Lärabar. I ate it at 8 this morning, and did not get around to lunch until 12:45 this afternoon.


Lunch today was a salad:


Along with the veggies, I had a great piece of sourdough bread from Whole Foods, and a peach. All three components of my lunch were great – and wholesome! 😀

So, I got back from work at 5 o’clock this evening. Mark and my mom were eagerly awaiting my latest dinner recipe. But first we enjoyed a glass of wine and a game of Rummikub, one of our favorite games. Soon enough I got to work in the kitchen. I decided on the tandoori chicken, quinoa and naan.

Here is the recipe I followed from 30 Minute Meals… Tandoori Chicken. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of my prep time in the kitchen. But here is the end result:



In the quinoa I diced up red peppers, orange peppers, onion and cooked everything in one cup of chicken broth and one cup of water. I added curry powder, too :). The dinner was a big hit, I’m happy to say.

Right now we are all catching up on our Glee Season 1 – so I’m going to sign off for now. See you tomorrow.


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