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Wedneday – Hump Day!

Hey Guys – Happy Hump Day. Wednesday was quite a day in the Boston area – we were in the midst of yet ANOTHER winter storm! It started off with a lot of snow (a few inches) and gradually changed to ice and then to freezing rain. Ugh.

Today would have been a great day for a hot bowl of oatmeal. But with our new commuting schedule (I drop Ben off at his new office a little bit before 8 in the morning) I just did not have time to make the oatmeal.

Instead, I had a great bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with a banana sliced into it, along with Light Vanilla Soy milk.

Cold cereal usually does not fill me up until lunch time – but Kashi Go Lean Crunch gets me to lunch every single time!

I am sort of on a tight budget this week, so I’m working on eating things that we have in the house. Last night Ben made pasta for dinner – and I took some of the left overs for lunch.

Along with the pasta, I had a few whole wheat crackers and a light french onion Laughing Cow wedge. (This part of lunch was really a treat, because I have not had Laughing Cow in quite a long time) I also enjoyed a handful of blueberries. (They were fantastic!)

My afternoon snack was a wonderful Larabar!!

As always, this was the best afternoon snack. It kept me full for hours (I did not have dinner until 8:30 again tonight)! I love the Banana Bread flavor Larabar makes. The consistency and flavor are amazing – and it tastes so fresh! Delish.

For dinner I had a bowl of mixed greens with a little bit of ginger dressing, slivered almonds and croutons. I also had another small bowl of penne, tomato sauce and a turkey meatball. (Am I boring you yet?) But dinner was surprisingly satisfying!!

Well – that about wraps up my awesome day of food. 🙂 I think I might finish off the night with half a cup of fat free frozen yogurt…. not sure yet.

I’ll be back tomorrow, ya’ll. Until then – keep warm – and if you are walking around outside in Beantown – be careful on the ice!

See you tomorrow!


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