I love Quaker True Delights!

Hey all –

I have to review a new Quaker Oats product, which I just adore. Foodbuzz recently sent me a couple of bars of Quaker’s new True Delight granola bars.

The first bar I tried, I split with Ben over the weekend. It was the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond bar. We both loved this bar. Ben loved how the raspberry just infused the entire bar with a fresh, fruity flavor. It tasted so fresh. The consistency of the bar was perfect – not too chewy and not too crunchy or tough like some bars I have tried (where I have felt like I could break my teeth!)

Today for my afternoon snack, I enjoyed (seriously, that seemed like an understatement!)  the toasted coconut, banana, macadamia nut bar.

The flavors were amazing together. For those of you who do not love banana, the flavor is not overwhelming – but just right. Take a look at this close up pic:

Seriously – do you see the coconut and macadamia in there? Wow.

The bars are snacks – that is for sure, and there is nothing wrong with that. They are around 140 calories each ranging from 3 – 5 grams of fat in each.  All of the bars have only two grams of protein – and it would be great if they had a higher amount in them.  I think I will occasionally have these bars with my lunch (especially if I am eating a salad) because I think it is a great part of a meal – but probably not enough for my afternoon snack.

All this being said, I certainly do like these new Quaker bars and I highly recomend giving them a try!


3 thoughts on “I love Quaker True Delights!

  1. Thanks for sampling the new True Delights and providing your opinion – the Toasted Coconut and Banana is my favorite.

    Candace at Quaker

  2. I just posted my review on True Delights, and we definitely had many of the same thoughts. I adore the Toasted Coconut Macadamia Nut!

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