Running and a fruity reward

Hey All –

I started feeling better tonight, and then I started feeling a bit lazy. So I decided to go for a quick run once it started to cool down tonight. Of course due to the move and the frickin’ boxes everywhere, I could not find either pair of my current running shoes (by the way – has anyone seen a pair [or two] of Saucony fusions anywhere??) I made do with my Asics that are over two years old now. They did the trick though, and I ran three miles in half an hour. It was hot, but not too bad considering what it’s been like lately.

I ran for a few reasons tonight – first of all I feel like it’s been a while since I have had time or energy to go running. The heat takes a lot out of me for some reason, and my schedule has been jam packed for the last two weeks – finding thirty minutes to do anything has been a challenge.

A nice discovery during my run was that losing a few pounds has made it a lot easier to run 🙂

After the run, I came home to a bowl of nectarine, sherbet, a small spoonful of almond butter and three nilla wafers. This was so good and the perfect treat after running in the semi-hot summer weather. Sweet!


That’s about all I have for a recap today. I did not really eat that much – a blueberry scone for a late breakfast, a bowl of cassoulet for a late lunch / early dinner with a piece of french bread. Yum.

I am off to figure out what I’m going to wear tomorrow and think about breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Fun times – see you all tomorrow!


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