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Hello there blog readers. Today is the second day of Mega August. I didn’t start the day off to psyched about training after work, but as the day progressed my attitude improved.

I slept well last night, and I thank my 4 + mile run after work yesterday for that. I woke up feeling pretty refreshed, and I managed to leave the house at 6:30 this morning. I got to work at 7:20 which was a huge improvement. Earlier this week I had been leaving the house at 7 o’clock or later, not getting in to the office until 8 o’clock and one day I got in at 8:15 – ugh!

Breakfast this morning was oatmeal, blueberries and Barney Butter:

Image 3.jpg

I was on my feet all morning and afternoon. At 11 o’clock I split a Think Thin protein bar with my friend Jane who was working with me all day today. We were doing heavy lifting and we considered it our strength training for the day. It helped to prepare me for my post work run that we talked about our planned workouts during the day.

Lunch was sort of on the light side. A Chobani yogurt, Kind granola, a banana and a spoonful of Barney Butter:


I took about 15 minutes to eat lunch today. At 3 o’clock Jane and I took another break where we consumed iced coffee. Mega August is definitely going to need some caffeine infused into it.

On the way home I ate a small piece of French bread. Weird, I know. But it sort of helped me fuel my run. I got home, and did not sit down even for a second. I immediately went upstairs and changed into my runnings shorts, singlet and put the Garmin on my wrist. I filled up my hydration belt and I was off. It was a full ten degrees hotter than my run yesterday – yuck. Somehow I managed to get 3.2 miles under my belt. It felt good to be running for the second day in a row – but because of the hot temperature, the humidity and the dust from the trail, it felt a lot harder today even though I ran a full mile less. Boo!

I had a nice iced cold coconut water after my run:

Image 1.jpg

On my way home from running I ordered dinner. A pizza and a salad. My plate looked like this:

Image 2.jpg

The pizza was wheat thin crust. The salad had grilled chicken breast on it! OK, I have been busy watching the Olympics tonight. Signing off for now – but I’ll be back soon to update you on the training!

Stay cool bloggies – it sure is hot out there!


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