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A Busy Day

I am really happy that Monday is over 🙂 I have to tell you that I had work nightmares all weekend and I feel much better having survived my day today. Woohoo! Not only did I survive, I accomplished a good amount of stuff after work.

But before I fast forward to the end of the day, here is a brief recap of my day in food!

This morning I had no idea when I would be able to eat lunch, so I opted for a bigger than normal breakfast. I ordered an everything bagel and a medium coffee at Honey Dew Donuts on my way to work. I sipped on the coffee on the drive in while listening to NPR. I had the bagel once I got to work.

I was able to have lunch because my big meeting of the day was pushed back until 1 o’clock. Lunch was good but on the light side (sort of – it wasn’t really light in calories or carbs! I have to get back on track tomorrow). Can we discuss for one moment how awesome Barney Butter is???!! I haven’t had it in a year or two because I have been opting for other almond butters. But last night I saw a single serving pack of Barney Butter at Shaws and I asked my friend to buy it for me because I didn’t have my wallet. (Honestly?? I really wanted the small jar – but I couldn’t explain why I would ask someone to buy me an eight dollar jar of nut butter!)

I was feeling stressed out today – and Barney Butter and a Granny smith apple really made me feel so much better! Here is what I had for lunch:


A Greek yogurt, low fat Trader Joe’s granola, an apple and two tablespoons of almond butter. Holy yum! I could eat this for lunch every single day. 🙂

On my way from work to the gym I listened to the Last Lion on tape (or via iPhone of course!). I had gone for a nice (and sort of slow??) walk at 3 o’clock after my meeting was over to decompress. I realized that it was pretty steamy and very humid outside and I decided it was too hot and the air was too thick to run outside after work. I was dismayed to think that I would be stuck on the treadmill. But I did it anyway – I did 30 minutes of “treadmill work” as my running friends and I call it. I ran slowly, trying not to get stressed about the treadmill (I hate running on the treadmill – did you know that??) I ran one mile and then did a brisk walk at a 5 incline for a minute. Then I ran again. In 30 minutes I covered just over 2 1/2 miles. It was slow, but I’m glad I did something rather than going straight home.

After the gym I popped by one of my favorite markets, East Side Market. They have the best rotisserie chicken – just in case you were wondering! The chicken is $7.99 and it is already cooked and it will last you for several meals. I came up with the idea as I was running. It sounded SO good. I have been having a really weird craving lately – fried chicken. Can you believe that?? So, anyhow. I opted for rotisserie instead. When I got home I cut up some chicken, I heated up a low carb, 50 calorie wrap with some black beans and 50% reduced fat Cabot cheddar cheese and then put salsa and chicken on the wrap once it was warm. It was a great dinner! I could have had another wrap – but I had oatmeal cookies to make.

I made one batch of oatmeal cookies to bring to work because we have a long (over two hour) meeting tomorrow morning. I thought cookies might help everyone get through the meeting without falling asleep. 🙂 I did half the batch with chocolate chips and the other half dried cranberries. Yum. Mom tried both to let me know that both cookies were ok – thanks, Mom!

Ok, I am heading for bed now. It is another long day in the office tomorrow. Catch you on the flip side of Tuesday – have a great day tomorrow, bloggies!


One thought on “A Busy Day

  1. Why was work called off? It seems like they could have called you then you wouldn’t have had the long drive. Hope it wasn’t anything serious. Good thing that cookies freeze well. You can take them another day.

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