A Freebie

Don’t you just love random, unscheduled days off from work?? I never knew how happy an unplanned day off from work could make me until today. I drove all the way to the office only to discover that the building was closed and everyone was being sent home! Sure I spent almost two hours in the car this morning – but it was a treat to have almost a full day off!

The only glitch was, I was actually looking forward to going to work today. I had even baked cookies for a two hour meeting that was on the schedule this morning:


That’s right. My colleagues were going to get to snack on cranberry oatmeal cookies this morning!

My morning started off pretty normally. I woke up, got ready for work, went downstairs and made a blueberry and banana smoothie. It was divine!! It had a deep purple color today due to the blueberries.

Image 6.jpg

In the mix this morning (for two smoothies – one for me, one for mom)

2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt

2 handfuls of ice

1/2 cup blueberries

2/3 of one banana (frozen)

2 scoops of protein powder

1 scoop of PB2

1/2 C light soy milk

1/2 C water

a pinch of chia seeds

It was a really refreshing meal to go and I enjoyed it in the car.

I’m going to spend a good chunk of time reading, cleaning the house and cleaning my car today. I already went out and got a car wash! (My car thanked me, too)

What would you do with an unscheduled day off? If I had more time, I guess I would have gone to the beach – but it is going to be close to 100 degrees today, and I think that might just be a little too hot for me and the beach to get along well.

I hope you have a great rest of the day. See you soon!


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