Breakfast · Lunch


Today is the first day I am trying a “revamped” diet. Low carbs – or should I say lower carbs. The idea makes me frown a little bit 😦

I enjoyed an iced coffee with skim milk as I drove to work and it was really refreshing. I had a Kashi granola bar at 8:30 as part of my breakfast (I really wanted a Vans whole grain waffle with almond butter… maybe tomorrow morning?)

At 11 o’clock I had my second part of beak fast. Trader Joe’s 0% fat vanilla bean Greek yogurt and a little less than 1/4 cup of TJ’s low fat granola. This was a really filling snack and I did not need to eat again until 2pm.


At 12:15 I went for a 30 minute walk. It was especially hot outside – even more so because I had to wear jeans to the office today.

I was not hungry for lunch until 2 o’clock this afternoon. I went to the kitchen to prepare my food. Grilled chicken, red peppers, carrots and hummus. It was all pretty good – oh and I had a few garlic green beans, too.

I had planned out a lot more food for today (an apple, some almond butter, a protein shake, etc.) but I definitely will not need all of these things. I have a plan for dinner (halibut and brown rice, perhaps?) that I am really looking forward to!

Overall I guess this revamped way of eating might be ok. It is certainly a work in progress. I’ll keep reporting back.

If I have a chance I’ll report back on how dinner turns out! Stay tuned.


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